Plans Going Forward

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Plans Going Forward

This past week I had another appointment with my OB, and I had a slew of questions regarding the rest of my appointments and the plans for going into labor.  To me, this was the most important appointment so far.  I wanted to make sure that my doctor and I were on the same page, to make sure I knew what he was planning for me and what expectations I had.  He was extremely patient with all of my questions, and I was happy to hear he already had a plan in place for me. 


The first thing I asked him was the schedule for the rest of my appointments.  Even though I am considered a high risk pregnancy, my doctor has been keeping me on the same schedule as a normal pregnancy since I haven't had any issues.  So I'll be kept on a normal schedule until I hit 36 weeks when I'll start non-stress tests 2-3 times a week.  My next appointment will be in a month, then I'll go to every two weeks, and finally every week starting at 36 weeks.  Basically, for the last month of my pregnancy I'm going to live at the doctor's office. 


The next thing I asked was the plan for me regarding the actual birth.  My doctor plans to keep me on an insulin pump, which makes me very happy.  I've read other stories about type 1 moms being put on insulin drips and wreaking havoc on their blood sugars.  I feel confident in the way I've managed my blood sugars so far, and no one knows my diabetes better than I do.  My doctor also said that his plan for me is to get to 39 weeks, if everyone remains good and healthy, then talk about induction.  He does not want me to go into labor on my own, because he wants to monitor my blood sugars from start to finish.  I'm fine with being induced if my body is ready for it.  Plus I like knowing when things will happen, being the ultra planner that I am. 


He complimented me on well I was handling everything.  I briefly mentioned that I was sure I was starting to see some insulin resistance, because I've had to increase my basal rates by a good margin in the past few days.  My total basal rate amount is right at 22 units/day and my bolus ratio is hovering at 1:8.  It's pretty obvious when I need to increase my rates because I'll see a climb in my numbers while I sleep--the time I normally see a flatline on my CGM.  I've also gained a total of 20 lbs, most of it in the past 8 weeks.  It's hard to see that number go up every week on the scale, but it's good for baby as long as I'm eating healthy and keeping good numbers. 


Other than keeping up with doctor's appointments, we are preparing for the baby's arrival in more domestic ways.  My husband has been busy painting the baby's room, making sure to keep me in a significant distance away from the fresh fumes.  We've also collected all of the major furniture we need like a crib, changing table, and dresser.  I get so caught up in going to my doctor's appointments and keeping up with diabetes that I almost forget that the baby is going to come home with us, eventually.