Ready for Fall!

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Ready for Fall!

Fall is almost here!!! As sad as it is to wave good-bye to summer, a new season is an opportunity for new goals, re-capping your summer, and refreshing yourself on how you can live your best life with diabetes.

At the end of each season I like to take a little inventory of my diabetic supplies. Too many times I’ve gone to change my pod or grab new test strips just to realize I don’t have any left and my next shipment hasn’t come in yet. This proves to be especially challenging at school when my meds are shipped to my pharmacy at home (not the best planning on my part). We all know it is definitely not cheap to buy most diabetic supplies out of pocket, hence the inventory check. Personally, I use a mental checklist of all the supplies I will need for the next three months then go and check what I’m running low on and make sure I have enough of everything, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep a physical checklist (maybe that will be a fall goal). The first week of school has always been anxiety-producing for me, so knowing I have all the supplies I need is just one less thing to worry about.

Now that I am all stocked up for the fall, I like to also take this chance to reflect on the summer. How’d I do taking care of myself? Did I have a healthy mental balance when thinking about diabetes? It’s so easy to teeter totter between caring way too much about every blood sugar and just giving up on caring about any blood sugars. This is something I have struggled a lot with, so one of my goals for the summer was to improve my A1C in a healthy manner (AKA not having a good A1C because I’ve had so many lows and highs that they just happen to make a good average). December 31st is not the only day of the year to reflect, the start of each season has been a great time for me to think about how I am doing on my journey with diabetes.

Contrary to how hard I try to act like it sometimes, I am not perfect, so after reflecting on the summer there are usually a few things that I can improve on. Hopefully when reflecting on each past season, there are some things I am proud of and some things that I can work on. The goal for me is to always live my best life with diabetes by embracing it, thriving with it, and not comparing it to someone else’s. In living my best life with this disease, I have to be aware of the things that are difficult for me, what makes living with diabetes easier, what I can do to help those around with understand diabetes, and most importantly, how I can live the happiest and healthiest life possible. By making sure I have all the supplies I need, making new goals for this season, and reflecting on the summer, I am ready to tackle this fall and show diabetes who’s boss!