Real People Sick

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Real People Sick

Many people with chronic illnesses don't see themselves as "sick." We see ourselves living with a condition that is a part of us. Being sick is seen as a temporary thing. As a result, sometimes when we have an illness beyond our chronic illness like a cold or a stomach bug, we might call it "real people sick." For the last several days, I have been real people sick.

I'm a teacher at two elementary schools. I have children of my own. My husband works at a university. Lots of germs make it into our home. A week ago my high schooler came down with a cold. Not just a little cold. A serious cold. Complete with sore throat, coughing, runny nose, and a loss of her voice. My children are loving, generous people, so of course she had to share. On Wednesday, I thought my asthma and allergies were just getting worse due to harvest. On Thursday, I admitted defeat - I had a cold. My cold quickly progressed from a little sore throat and a runny nose to an even more intense version of what my teen had brought home. Thankfully, due to parent-teacher conferences the previous evenings, we had Friday off. I was also thankful that I had already scheduled a check-up with my doctor, so I didn't have to call in for a sick appointment. My voice and energy were fading fast.

I have spent the last three days in bed or in the recliner. Days like these can be difficult for those living with chronic illness. Making sure to take medication at the correct time, eating meals that sustain while also managing healthy glucose levels, getting enough rest and fluids. My appetite hasn't been great, so I've been grateful for eating almost anything. I've given myself some slack on my glucose levels. I'm keeping on top of my medication, not only my maintenance doses but also medication for my "temporary" illness. Exercise? Forget it! Walking to the kitchen for a glass of water calls for a nap!

Overall I'm focusing on the temporary illness while trying not to ignore the chronic ones. Giving myself permission not to be perfect with my glucose numbers or home physical therapy exercises. Listening to my body and getting rest so I can get back to "normal" is the ultimate goal. Be good to yourself!