Type 2 Diabetes Blog


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.   Boy there are times I miss being a kid and my life before diabetes.  

One of my memories of Easter is when my family was visiting my aunt and uncle.  I shared a room with my cousin that faced the backyard, so when we woke-up on Easter Sunday we looked out the window and we could see all the hidden eggs.   Needless to say we got the majority of the eggs….but we were the ones surprised. …when we opened the eggs we found chewed-up candy with cigarette butts.  Apparently the “adults” hid the eggs Saturday night then the neighborhood teenagers had their fun…I hope they went to church to beg for forgiveness.    We look back now and laugh.    

It has been a difficult week because my neighbor’s battle with liver cancer came to an end late Friday night.   She had gone to the doctor a week ago Friday and told her doctor that she didn’t want hospice care as she wasn’t done fighting.  But by Tuesday she told her family to call hospice.  When I saw her Thursday night I knew the end was near…she looked like my mom right before her passing.  Her husband said they stayed up all night talking and around 3 am she told him she was ready “to go home”.  It’s hard watching my neighbor’s daughter crying out and saying “It’s not fair”.    I felt the same way and I still don’t understand why bad things happen to good people.   Then I have to stop and realize that my mom and neighbor are no longer in pain….that was God’s gift. 

Even if we have to face our diabetes every day don’t let that stop you from living.   Get out there and enjoy life.