San Diego Conference Quickly Approaching!

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San Diego Conference Quickly Approaching!


Your weekend getaway in sunny San Diego, CA awaits you!


Yes, Autumn is, indeed, in the air!  My daughter returned to school, got a cold, and promptly transferred the germs to me!  Over the last few years, my colds have turned into horrible sinus ordeals that lasted for days, even weeks.  Last Fall my desperation for relief led me to a Minute Clinic at a CVS to visit with a nurse.   Desperate for relief, I tried the Neti Pot.  At first, I was horrified by the idea of shooting water up my nose and seeing it come out the other side.  The nurse also warned me that I would experience a feeling of not being able to breathe when the water shoots up into your nose.   Despite all of that, I was desperate enough to try it and I was amazed at how much it helped!  So, today I will be pulling out the Neti Pot again!


If you are considering attending the Weekend for Women Conference in San Diego, CA, I want to encourage you to register now AND reserve your room!  Don't Forget--Staying at the hotel is an important part of taking time out for yourself.  I have heard from MANY women who did not stay at the hotel that they found it difficult to participate in all of the activities they wanted to participate in because they spent too much time traveling back and forth from home.  This will be a weekend for the memory books-- that will include women with diabetes, experts in the field of diabetes, and lots of motivation, education, and inspiration! 


Also, we are approaching that time of the year again—time for the Weekend for Women Conference Planning Committee to begin planning for the 2012 Weekend for Women Conference in Raleigh, NC on May 18-20, 2012! If you have marketing, fund raising, event planning, or administrative skills that you would like to devote to this awesome program, please email me at today!