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Seasons of Change

My drive to and from work takes me on the path of a rural highway with trees, corn, and beans leading the way. As we approach fall, I have noticed the leaves starting to change as farmers begin to harvest their crops. During my drive, I've had times to think of things changing in my own life. My children are growing up. My body is dealing with more aches and pains. My hair has a little more gray in it (though still not as much as my siblings - he he). How does this relate to diabetes? 

As people with diabetes, we have "Seasons of Change" with our management. Medications, diet, and exercise may need to be adjusted based on what is going on in our lives (and our bodies). Recently I've been dealing with severe foot pain due to plantar faciitis, which has pretty much eliminated my favorite form of exercise, walking. Also due to some anxiety and depression, I haven't been watching my diet as well as I could be. I've been doing a lot of comfort eating. I'm also getting older. As a result, I've had to adjust my medication requirements and exercise routine. Okay, and my diet. 

Has this been easy? NO WAY! I'm struggling with so many changes with my body and how I need to take care of it. Not all are diabetes-related, but diabetes does take a big role in managing my various conditions. For example, my podiatrist is avoiding injections due to the affect on blood sugar and opting for other treatments. 

As I watch the leaves change and the fields of corn become bare, I embrace the beauty of the changing seasons rather than the sadness of passing time. Likewise, I plan to work on embracing the beauty of life, even when things don't go as I hope.


Trying to pin point what changes go with my age, the diabetes, the stroke or who knows what has me in a constant state of confusion. I refuse to become a negative, gloomy old lady. I, up until lately, have been able to chalk it up to another bump in the recovery road, keep smiling and moving along. Your blog summed up my feelings and your attitude is so refreshing. I too will embrace the changes. Thank you.
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Submitted by nanamg on Mon, 10/09/2017 - 3:33pm