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So Tired

August 16, 2011 (Joan)
Good morning, I am in my 'non sleep' cycle.  I am lucky if i get to fall asleep before 1or 2 a.m.  I want to bash all alarms when they go at 5:45 a.m.  Sometimes i sleep straight through them and thankfully my husband wakes me up before he leaves at 6:00.  I am falling asleep at work or at least nodding.  i already wear a cpap machine.  Thank goodness for it or i would never get any sleep.  I know the less I sleep the more weight i will gain, which leads to diabetes.  It is very difficult to break a "cycle"


I have heard about a book called Why We Get Fat, by Gary Taubes and helped the person that recommended to me to stop eating sweets, junk and she lost weight and has no carb cravings. This guy also wrote an article on how sugar is evil and how it affects the body.  I haven't finished reading the article yet.  I found the book on amazon and will be ordering in the next day or too.  I have quite a collection of books about different diets and cds and dvds. They make sense when you read through them, but sticking to it is where the hard stuff comes in.  I have tried so many different ones.  I know portion control, what you eat and what you pair together and exercise is what it is all about. 

Did any of you get outside to enjoy the weather today?  I had good intentions to walk  early this morning while it was still cooler outside. I almost moved a meeting downstairs to the coffee shop and sat outside and get a breeze. 

Oh, does it count that I walked the zumba dvds down to the first floor?  i walked them downfrom the 3rd floor to the group level..  I am hoping that next month i get a chance to working on Zumba. 

Hope to see everyone at our monthly PODs meetup tomorrow night Wednesday. Until next week.... wuah