Spring is (Nearly) Here; I'm Ready for Whatever Comes

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Spring is (Nearly) Here; I'm Ready for Whatever Comes

After this uncharacteristically cold North Carolina winter, I am ready for some sunshine. We’ve had ice and snow and school closings – and it’s all made for adjustments and juggling of schedules and calendars. And naturally, it’s brought adjustments to my own diabetes management, as snow days mean being stuck at home, less exercise, more food consumption, etc.

A few weeks ago, my insulin pump malfunctioned and because of a holiday and an impending snow storm, I would find myself without a replacement for a few days. I was able to secure a prescription for Lantus from my doctor and started MDI’s after 15 years of pumping. What a change in my routine! Years ago I was injecting NPH and having all kinds of trouble with my blood sugar. I was nervous about taking Lantus, but I had no choice. And more than two weeks later, I am still on MDI’s. I am surprised at the consistency of Lantus and how well it’s kept my blood sugar in range. Because of this, I have extended my “pump vacation” a bit longer. There’s something freeing about not being attached to a pump (although I am still wearing my CGM); I like it!

IN a few days, I will be turning 40. I am very excited about this milestone in my life, practically giddy in anticipation, like something will magically change when I wake up that morning.  I know that’s not the case, that I have been creating this moment and that the important part of it all has been my journey. So many things have helped shape where I am today.

  • When I was 25, I moved 1200 miles away from home to begin my career in a big city. I was scared. But I didn’t look back.
  • When I was 30, I got married. I was scared. But I didn’t look back.
  • When I was 32, I became a mother. I was scared. But I didn’t look back.
  • When I was 35, my family packed up our home and moved to North Carolina to follow my husband’s job. I was scared. But I didn’t look back.
  • When I was 37, I came to work for DiabetesSisters. I was scared. But I didn't look back.

Life is comprised of changes and curve balls. With each change, one thing has remained the same: I’ve never looked back. I’ve always jumped right into the next adventure. And I’ve survived these milestones, all with success.

Forty is going to bring more adventures. I am scared, of course. But I won’t look back. There’s too much ahead of me to stay in the past.

Bring on Spring, a season of renewal and reinvention!


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