Type 2 Diabetes Blog


May 10, 2011

Baby steps to good health.

I have been working on my weight and my A1c for a couple months now.  I told you girls about that.  I also told you about my impending insulin pump and that my doctor put me on a new medication in the meantime of getting my insulin pump approved. Well good news.  Becasue of my progress on the Center for Medical Weight Loss program I have dropped (and managed to keep off) 12lbs. Would be more if I behaved 100% but you know how dieting is!!  :-)  My A1c dropped to 6.2 as of my checkup a couple weeks ago, we cut my insulin in half, going off my Janumet in favor of Metformin, and my doctor recommends me sending the pump back.  Woohoo!!  I am so excited.  That sucker is expensive among other things.

Lots more work yet to be done.  More losing.  Keeping the weight and the A1c down.  Work is still a nightmare so stress eating hasn't been eliminated but seeing some progress does motivate me to cutback.  I try to manage my stress with a lunchtime walk instead of junk.  This new eating plan has actually caused my sugar to be lower than my norm obviously and I am having "lows".  Low for me is 100-120 and I have actually hit 85/90 a few times.  It is different kinda low for a Type II than a Type I I imagine.  I don't think 85 is a true low for a Type I but I am not certain.  I spoke to my doctor about this the first time I experienced this crappy feeling and asked her that even though I wasn't truly low by definition, if this was my body reacting to this new level.  It took a couple times before I was able to get her to say agree.  I am not sure if I just didn't explain myself correctly.  I was having an episode one time when I called her.

I am grateful to have a couple coworkers on task to assist should I get a low.  They know where my glucose tablets are, well now that I put them back in my purse.  I guess I need to be more diligent in being prepared now that I am actually seeing some progress.  Woohoo!!  Bikini season here I come.  Not really.  No one needs to see that.