Sweet Cravings

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Sweet Cravings

There is something undeniably cruel about going through a pregnancy with type 1 diabetes and the majority of your cravings are sweet.  I know that random food cravings come with the package that is pregnancy, but I never expected to crave things that I haven't thought about since before my diagnosis.  Thankfully, I've been able to manage my cravings and not let my blood sugars suffer for it.  But it seems now that I'm entering my third trimester, when insulin resistance is at its highest, I'm cravings all things sweet that involve a gallon of insulin to contain. 


I believe my first true craving occurred when I was 12 weeks along.  My husband and I went on a camping trip in the fall, and we managed to make it through a 5 mile hike with our dogs.  Following our hike, I had the biggest craving for red delicious apples.  So we went into town later that day, and I bought a bag of the biggest and reddest apples I could find.  I told everyone in our camping group that they were for everybody, but by the end of the trip I had eaten all of the apples myself.  That craving stuck with me for a good month because are refrigerator looked like I was the favorite teacher at the local elementary school. 


My next true craving was something that I personally had not had since was a kid--chocolate dipped ice cream cone.  I have memories of going through the drive-thru at the local Dairy Queen with my dad and getting chocolate dipped ice cream cones.  The challenge was to eat the whole thing before the chocolate started melting all over the place.  I cherish these memories because they didn't involve diabetes, so I never knew how many carbs were in them until I started craving them as a pregnant diabetic (there are 77g carbs in a small, in case you were wondering).  This craving was only present for a week or two, thankfully. 


Now that I'm entering the third trimester of my pregnancy, my insulin resistance is at an all time high.  I'm trying to be very careful about counting all the carbs that I eat because my insulin:carb ratio needs to be exact.  So I'm very aware of the carb masses that are entering my body with each indulgence.  The apple craving is back, but now I want to have it covered in caramel and chocolate.  There's a glorious candy and fudge shop in our town, and they make the best candy apples I've ever had.  Not just regular candy apples, but some are covered with M&Ms, gummy worms, or crumbled candy bars.  The M&Ms candy apple has 114g carbs total, so the one time I indulged this craving I split the apple in two and saved the other half for another day.  I have also been craving other sweet monstrosities such as chocolate covered donuts and chocolate cakes with cream filling, but I've yet to buy them for fear of using up large amounts of insulin. 


What's ironic about all of this is I never thought about these things before I got pregnant.  Sure, I indulged in sweet treats now and then, but it was usually in the company of other friends for a celebration.  Now I find myself sneaking off to the candy store after work to buy a monster candy apple or smell the fudge displayed behind the glass (I think the associates are starting to notice my face prints).  It is such cruel fate to be cursed with a disease that requires me to have diligence when it comes to sweets and carbs.  But I'm in the home stretch of my pregnancy, and I'm trying to keep my mind on my daughter and her health before I take a bite out of a cupcake.  Once she is here, however, I plan to have a feast filled with all these heavenly things that I'm trying to avoid right now.  I'll need them to keep up with all the breastfeeding, anyway.  Or at least that's my justification for it.