Take Time to Nurture Your Love of Learning

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Take Time to Nurture Your Love of Learning

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Learn” or “Learning?” 

For some, it’s a word that takes them back to books, desks, classrooms, and lectures---pretty tangible things. For others, learning is equated with exciting adventures and new ideas/theories-- more abstract things. Regardless of the way you view the process of learning, I believe it is the key to a long, happy life.  

I also believe that exercising your brain is just as important as exercising your body. There is no age cut-off for learning. Have you seen one of the news stories that highlighted a grandmother who went back to college to earn her college degree?  Wasn’t she a happy, spunky, ‘young’ (feeling) woman?  Exactly. She wasn’t sitting in the same rocking chair every day waiting for time to pass.  She was someone you hoped you would be like when you turn 80. Nurturing her love of learning is what kept her energetic and vibrant.

So…..how have you expanded your mind in the last month?  Did you take time to learn the “new way” to do multiplication and division with your third grader?  Did you read a book full of new, nutritious recipes?  Did you attend a seminar at your local community college? Maybe you watched a YouTube video to learn new sewing techniques? Or, maybe you did an internet search to learn about your ancestry line? All of these things sound like a lot of fun!

But, I have to ask:  How much time did your DIABETES get in terms of prioritized learning?  I know, I know.  It already gets too much of your time- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  I agree. Diabetes does take up a lot of your time.  In fact, it takes up so much time that it can be mentally exhausting, not to mention, isolating.  But just humor me for a moment.  I realize that finding fun, entertaining ways to learn about diabetes isn’t exactly easy. So, why don’t we- as a vibrant community of women with diabetes- embrace and nurture our love of learning about diabetes TOGETHER!  That makes it all the more fun and engaging- just as physical exercise is more fun and engaging when done with others. The constantly changing technology, new discoveries, and changing diabetes management guidelines/recommendations make it all the more important for us to continuously nurture our love of learning about diabetes.  

How/Where can you nurture your love of learning about diabetes in a fun way?  Why not join me and more than 100 other women with diabetes from around the US who are taking a bold step toward learning more about their diabetes at one of the 2014 Weekend for Women Conferences- Washington, DC on April 25-27, 2014; Chicago, IL on August 22-24, 2014; or in Los Angeles, CA on October 24-26, 2014? Each Conference is educational, designed for those who want to learn, but it’s also about fellowship, and, together, learning how to more confidently manage your diabetes.  You’ll have the opportunity to learn alongside other women with diabetes who are just like you. You will have fun, laugh about the things that only another woman with diabetes would understand, and think deeply about things you have never considered before.  You will also strut away confidently with a new set of friends to continue learning from….AND you will have a notebook full of new tips and tools to make managing your diabetes easier.  This theme of this year’s Conference Series is Stepping Stones: Gaining Ground in Your Diabetes Journey.  You can learn more about the Conference theme and agenda here:  https://diabetessisters.org/2014-weekend-women-conference-agenda-washington-dc. And reserve your spot today for only $75! I hope to see you there—nurturing your love of learning with the rest of us!

PS- After registering, be sure to RSVP on our Event Facebook Page and you’ll receive regular updates (via Facebook) about the Conference.