Thriving with Diabetes

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Thriving with Diabetes

Thriving with diabetes? There was a time when I thought that was an oxymoron. I know better now!

Diabetes is a 24/7 challenge. Often a nuisance, sometimes scary, and always a force to be reckoned, the diagnosis can be overwhelming and the learning curve steep. That being said, today's medical advances and technology, as well as the many resources for healthy living with diabetes, enable us to maneuver the diabetes high wire with skill and grace. The other factor is you. Yes, YOU! Your attitude, outlook, and motivation are key parts of the equation.

There will always be difficult times where maintaining balance is a tough prospect – we may have to deal with a nasty cold, stress at work, hormones, spouses, kids, holidays...eeeek! Okay, time to relax and read on.

A long, healthy life is a series of many shorter, healthy increments. We have the ability to improve every single day, and every single moment for that matter. When the going gets tough, try look at that moment or hour or week with perspective – it’s a short period of time in the grand scheme of things. It will pass. Focus only on what needs to be done in that moment. My mottos are: “Stay Calm and Bolus On” and “Take a Seat and Treat."

We all know the negatives of diabetes, but thinking about those gets old – especially when we’re out in the world carrying on with the stuff of life! Let’s focus on the positives instead. There’s nothing we can’t achieve. We are fierce. We are able. We are committed. We are brave. We are dia-bad-ass!