Time just keeps slipping, slipping, slipping

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Time just keeps slipping, slipping, slipping

June 13, 2011

Into the future! 

Time slipped away from me again yesterday.  I was on call and busy, busy.  But here I am.



I was all set on Wednesday to tell my doctor that I was giving up on my weight loss plan because I just haven’t been behaving and what was the use paying her right?  Well my body likes to work against me in so many ways that I should not have been surprised when she said I had lost 2 pounds.  Huh?  Really?  Are you sure?

So I guess at least for another two weeks I will stay on the program.  I am back down to just being overweight rather than obese.  That makes me giggle to think of the categories.  I am back to my 11/12 pound achievement that I managed to reach and then quickly proceed to move away from again.   Now to actually do it on purspose, cause despite the scale, my blood sugars have not been so kind.  Nothing over the 200s in a while but not the 80 – 120 that I was getting accustomed to seeing in my run of good, obedient days.  I have read a lot of stuff lately on veggies and how to incorporate them and I am going to give it a real go.  I hope to anyway. 


I am moving past my depression and it seems that I even sounded chipper last week as a few people commented on it.  Our sermon this past weekend at church was about not comparing yourself and being bitter.  I know I do it.  Why does so and so have/get to …  In regards to my health, I do struggle with why can’t I have this?  Why do I have to deal with this condition given my other issues?  It's not fair. God never promised me an easy ride now did he? 


I have to do my best to take care of me.  It is not a punishment.  It is just something I have to accept and deal with.  Hard as it may be some days. 


My therapist told me at my last appointment to go see a doctor because this was the 2nd time I had mentioned my extreme fatigue.  So my weight loss doctor also heard me say that and in addition to stress wreaking havoc on me and my eating efforts, she suggested I get some blood work done to see what might be causing this tiredness.  So we shall see if there is a reason behind it.


I am definitely climbing out of the valley. Got some work to do but things are as a lot less gloomy than they did recently.