Time To Relax

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Time To Relax

July 10, 2011


We usually make a once-a-year trip to the beach, rent a house, and everyone stays together and we have a great time hanging out on the beach during the day and playing board and video games at night. It’s a way to get everyone back together, disconnect from normal, stressful life, relax, and reconnect to each other. Last week was vacation week for the family, and while I did have to come back to work for most of the week, I did get to enjoy the weekend with them.

Saturday was all about getting to the beach house and getting settled in. We usually use this night to unpack, go eat out, and then go by the grocery store for that week’s food needs (breakfast stuff, quick lunch meats, things for grilling suppers, snacks, all that good stuff!).

Sunday was the nice day where we got up, had some breakfast, and headed out to the beach to relax. I did get in the water for a while, hoping to keep cool, but the waves were rough. One even knocked me down, and I usually can stand firm with no problem, so shortly after that, I went back to the shore and sat in the short beach chair right on the shoreline so the water could still wash over me and keep me cooled down. My feet were balloons anyway just from the normal pregnancy swelling, but the water seemed to help. It felt so nice and relaxing to keep running my toes through the wet sand as the water would go in and out. I went in early, around 11am to keep from being out in the hottest part of the day and stayed in until late that night. It’s kind of a family thing to sit out on the porch and rock in the rocking chairs when the air is cool and just relax and talk. No TV, no cell phones, no nothing.. Just you, whoever else is out there, a few chairs, and the breeze from the ocean.

Monday was much the same, except I woke up too late to get to the beach, so I stayed in all day and went for a walk on the beach later on that night.

Though it was nice to go and relax for a while, there was, of course, no break from the diabetes. In fact, things were a little bit more intense as the heat made for lower blood sugars, but then the super laziness in the afternoons called for more. Not to mention, any bit of meal / snack routine was out of the window, as it usually is when you go from a family of 2 at home to a family of 11 under one roof and not everyone wants to do things when you are used to.. and spontaneity abounds with sweet ice-cream or s’more snacks. I did keep things mostly under control, but I’ll have to admit, I let go quite a few times and just indulged. Granted, it probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do while pregnant, but I have no willpower when it comes to trying to not single yourself out and be the disciplined diabetic 100% of the time.

All in all, it was good to have some time to relax a bit and spend time away from “regular” life before the baby comes. We’re only a few weeks away now (I’m 36 weeks), so I’m taking everyone’s advice and resting when I can and enjoying my last few pre-baby days.