Time for you to Share Your Experiences as T1D

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Time for you to Share Your Experiences as T1D

Type 1 diabetes. Every day is different. Every day is unpredictable. Lately I’ve been realizing how challenging it can be to figure out what causes what in diabetes, especially on insulin shots. I’ve done my research and I’ve asked physician assistants, who are also type 1, what’s going on with me, but we just can’t figure it out. So I’m asking other experts in this field about it: my diabetes sisters! 

 In the mornings I have been waking up low, usually in the 50s. It’d be so much easier to fix this problem if I was on a pump where I could just decrease my basal in the middle of the night, but of course, Lantus isn’t that simple. This started happening when I was taking my full Lantus dose in the mornings, so automatically I thought my Lantus doesn’t seem to be the problem. But then I thought that perhaps my peak time of my Lantus is different than the typical peak time (for we all know none of us respond the same to anything—no one size fits all solution). So I started taking a split dose of Lantus, doing a little at night and most in the morning, until I got it to split evenly. Well, I’m still having the problem! I have changed my target blood sugar range for dinner so I wouldn’t take as much insulin but that only seemed to raise my sugar up right before bed and then slowly drop at 3 AM and then drop significantly by 7 AM. I’m so confused!

I have to admit I’m still learning how to manage my diabetes on shots, even though I started back in February (I started when I first began being a student blogger for Diabetes Sisters J). Like I said, we are all so different but it’s still helpful to know what others have experienced and what worked for them.

 In other news, I am so glad to be back blogging for Diabetes Sisters. If you want to comment on this blog post below about your experiences with shots, feel free to also include topics you would like me to blog about. I can always think of something new because diabetes is a never ending, yet oh so exciting, adventure, but I would love to blog about topics that mean the most to you.  Just an FYI, my area of expertise is exercise and nutrition :)



However, I've been a Type 1 Diabetic since I was 10! (1992) I completely agree with you that it's an ever-changing adventure, and there is always something new to discover - about it, and ourselves. I've never had an easy time with it, and I started on Regular and NPH insulin back in 1992, and have evolved to the Animas Pump (2008), now on the Omnipod, (2011), and have a CGM. I had some tough times with high A1C's, but am right around a 7.5 (and working to get it down even further), in hopes I can keep things level...for now. My blood sugars LOVE it when I walk, or get involved in any exercise for more than 20 minutes. It's so effective, and I am trying to do more. (Tough with 2 little ones, and a 3rd on the way, but doable!!) While my body still does crazy wacky things to my BS's, having the CGM, and writing things down helps me, and my Endo, really try to nail down what's going on. Sometimes, it's my being sick, stress, anxiety, certain foods, exercise, (too much or too little), or in my case, hormone changes in pregnancy. My low sugars are all but gone overnight, and the trick was eating a small snack, (usually with protein...half a turkey and cheese on wheat bread, some graham crackers and skim milk, etc.), as my Endo said that our livers are triggered to produce sugar when we are too hungry, and that's what will cause ON spikes and over-correction for a basal or bolus calculation (or under). It kept my sugars level, and I am hoping I can swing this control again with this, (last), pregnancy. For you, if you haven't already, write everything down- not just blood sugars and shots, but food, stress, moods, etc.! :) Then, you are able to go back over your day, and review it, in black and white. Good luck!!
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Submitted by Mommyto3081214 on Mon, 01/13/2014 - 2:59pm

Hi! I have been a type 1 diabetic since 1997 and on an Animas pump and CGM. They work great but I am waiting for the new Animas pump that will work together with the CGM it will be almost like an artificial pancreas! It should be here within the year. My doctor worked really hard to get rid of my lows some low as 23 and now I am dealing with highs and high A1cs. I can't exercise as much. In good weather I would walk 2 miles a day with my puppy. But now that it is cold I can't walk. So, I need to find something to exercise inside with. I count carbs and have to do a lot of combo bolus as my food doesn't get with my insulin as fast as it should. Then I found out a critical medication I am on that helps me with my bipolar depression causes high blood sugars. This is just too much for me to handle sometimes. I can't change my meds so I need to figure out how to do my basal or bolus for my med. I see my dr at the end of the month to discuss all this. My eye appt went well and no diabetic effects. That is good news. I need some good advice and help. Thanks for listening to me.
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Hi, Well I've been diabetic type 1 since the age of 13 (1993) and started on insulin & syringes & then moved to the preloaded pens. I am now on Novorapid & Lantus. I know that everyone is different but I take my Novorapid after every meal & then have the Lantus before I go to bed every night. It seems to do the trick for me & keeps my sugars at a stable level. I think the fact that I have the Lantus in the evening is key as for the next 8 or so hours I'm always doing the same thing...sleeping! Then in the day I can adjust my Novorapid to suit what I'm doing e.g. exercising/walking/swimming/whatever! I think its great to hear from other people as we are all different & may have some good suggestions for each other. I know from reading others blogs that I really do need to check my blood levels more...always best to keep on top of it. :)
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