True Confessions of a Diabetic Foodie


True Confessions of a Diabetic Foodie

Let’s face it: There is no shortage of food and nutrition focused blogs, Pinterest recipes, farm-to-table restaurants and vegan-gluten-free-organic-light-keto-paleo-and-more options for fueling our bodies, all purporting to be the “right” way to eat.

Yet how do we know the choices we’re making on the daily are the most nutritionally dense and sustainably grown, while also budget friendly and remotely tasty and pleasing to the whole family?  Have you read a nutrition information label recently? 

A life coach once told me, “If your grandma wouldn’t recognize it, don’t eat it.”  I’ve also heard that if I can’t pronounce the ingredients, I shouldn’t consume it.  My personal favorite is “You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap or easy.”  When I weigh all of these considerations and then throw diabetes meal planning into the mix, I get a recipe for frustration and want to make a quick trip through the nearest drive-thru with a vow to make better choices tomorrow.

I’m a foodie through and through.  I enjoy eating, and my downfall is anything chocolate, pastries, and desserts. I know that if I eat these delicious morsels of fat and sugar, even with a bolus my blood sugar will be elevated for hours, my eyes will blur, and I’ll be sluggish for the entire afternoon.  Still, I make that choice and accept full responsibility for the outcome.  Sometimes my motto is “Acknowledge, Bolus, and Move On.”

I am very much aware of how much better I feel when I choose more healthy food options on a consistent basis, and that is my motivation for doing so more often than not.   I make other daily choices too:  Vitamin supplements and water.  Lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Lean meats, fish and poultry. I walk daily, park farther away than I need to, spend time outside in the fresh air. 

For me, “nutrition” encompasses many things and requires balance.  Not meticulous, weighing, measuring, guilt-inducing balance, but quality-of-life balance.  Moderation and daily pleasures sustain my soul as simply as broccoli and quinoa feed my brain.  Thankfully, we all have the ability to make choices, changes, and exercise self-discipline as needed to maintain and share our best selves.

Bon appetite and good health to you!