Type 2 Diabetes and Overeating

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Type 2 Diabetes and Overeating

When did it all begin the cycle of overeating and dieting? I was always a "big person", taller in height and larger in body size for my peer group and my generation. So in order to be smaller I actually got bigger because dieting was depriving and then I had to fill myself up to make up for the depravation (translation: overeat). Hence the birth of a terrible cycle of self denial with the illusion I was "in control" and then to my horror I was "out of control" eating everything  I could and completely losing track of reading my hunger cues and balanced routines about eating. My Mom, who I love dearly, had some strange ideas about food. She grew up in the Depression, in a large family, so food was a scarce commodity. Anything sweet was precious and had to be consumed completely and immediately. This effected me in my habits about foods with sugar and carbohydrates. Eat it all and quickly!! Then we get the brain effect going, all those chemicals lighting up and a family history of diabetes and a perfect storm!!!

So why am I telling you all of this? First, to reach out to those who can identify and second to figure out the solutions.

The solutions:

Look for balance in eating avoiding extremes of strict unsustainable eating or unrestrained thoughtless eating.

If I overeat try to move from self loathing to compassion and hope that I can return to healthy eating. It is not black and white, that it is all over. I can return to balanced eating as my relationship with food. 

As always, I welcome your thoughts.





I know exactly what your talking about and have walked that walk too many times! I was completely & utterly a carb addict! For me I found a program that finally worked. I was able to cut my addictions to sugar & carbs and finally break that cycle! I am on the path to a healthy sustainable weight!
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Submitted by kestrada on Tue, 09/30/2014 - 9:36pm

Hi Robin. Thanks for sharing your struggle here. I call myself an addict to sugar and have been on so many diets that didn't work the way they do for others. Perhaps I had insulin resistance or something. I can usually go about three months following a diet really well and when there is little to show for it, I drop it. I've just been diagnosed type 2 three weeks ago and am now on a rollercoaster of learning - I really want to understand more about how to handle this food-wise. I avoid sweets as much as possible because one is too much and there is never enough. I am working on the plate division right now of one half veggies/one quarter protein, one quarter startch but I haven't started on portion sizes. I have a lot to learn. Kestrada - what "program" did you find that "worked". Before I got diagnosed I was following the no "S" diet and doing well on it in following it but not well in losing weight.
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Submitted by ckay21 on Fri, 10/03/2014 - 1:34pm