The wagon is circling.

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The wagon is circling.

June 5, 2011

So what is up with me today?  I am not back on the wagon yet but at least it is circling the neighborhood.

In the diet department I have not quite gotten over the binging but I am getting closer.  Last night we watched our end of season video of our show last night (I am in a show choir  I have made progress since this video was shot back in February and you girls know how hard any progress is to make in that regard.  So why am I letting my emotions have that much control over me.  So I am talking myself back into the game but I made this great dip for the party last night and I HAVE to finish it!  :-)

I ate spinach at the party last night.  It was in some sort of spinacopada or something like that.  I have witnesses that saw me eat it.  Friends of mine are coming out to share veggie tips and stuff.  So we are going to give it a real go with this veggie thing, hopefully.

Now, to fight the heat.  THAT makes it hard to walk.  I don't want a gym membership and despite having all the things I need in my house, I just can't get motivated.  I so start tap in a couple weeks so that is at least one day covered. 

Sadly, I have the Sunday Evening blues.  The feeling of gloom where you dread Monday coming because that means going back to work, the place that causes you so much "joy".  The job thing is just going to take time.  Still waiting on feedback from the last interview and looking for other jobs in the meantime.

There is this app that I downloaded on my iTouch and now have on my iPhone. Jillian Michaels - Slim-Down Solutions.  I accidentally hit it today at church and read it since it was up.

Tip for today. 

Perfection is Boring. So often we focus on everything we're not, instead of the great things that make us who we are.  I know it can seem impossigle to acknowledge the good qualities - that you do indeed have strong legs or awesome eyes - but doing so will make you happier and more confident.  You've got to stop comparing yourself to everyone else!  You aren't them.  You're YOU.  Embrace compliments and stop shortchanging yourself.  Try to understand that your imperfections make you human - and they make you the amazing rock start you are.

Isn't that an awesome tip!! So much to gleen from it.  In this personal struggle I am having putting myself and my health first and fore-most, is not good BUT, I am human.  Flawed and need to stop adding to the problem by beating myself up.  This will help me get back on the wagon a lot sooner.

Anyway, thanks for listening.  Hope you guys have a great week.