Weight and Weighing

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Weight and Weighing

We are now starting our 23rd week of pregnancy, and things are going pretty smoothly. My weight is staying on track, as well as my basketball-belly growth.


I have so far, by my scale, gained 10 pounds. I have gained back the 10 I lost, so technically I’ve “gained” 0, but considering I was somewhat overweight to begin with before pregnancy, I’m glad to have lost the 10 and just now gaining it back at the 5 month mark.


Of course, with weight gain is the increased need for insulin, not just the insulin resistance. We (my endo and I) have increased my insulin a little bit more, by 0.1 per hour and my IC ratios have stayed pretty well the same for meals. The only exception to this is how I program my insulin pump to give the insulin at meal times. Instead of programming it to give me the insulin all at once, I’m having to give a percentage up-front (70% for breakfast and 60% at lunch, snacks, and supper) and the rest over time, which also depends on the time of day (extending 1 hour in the mornings and 2 hours for the other meals). It is a lot of variables to keep up with, I’ll admit. And, at first, it didn’t seem to be working at all. But within a few days, my numbers evened out, and I wasn’t’ having the rollercoaster of blood sugars going everywhere.


My A1c came back right where we wanted it, 6.2. Considering we started off with an A1c of 6.7, this is a great thing. My target is in between 6.0 and 6.5, so I’m right at the middle mark. I’m hoping that with close monitoring and weekly faxes to my endo, we’ll be able to keep it right there. Also, my TSH (thyroid test) came back in range, so we know that since it was low before because my Synthroid was too much, that we need to start checking it closer so we’ll know when to increase the dose for the Synthroid.


Also this week, I bit the bullet and bought a weight scale for my kitchen. My husband and I have been stockpiling on food and taking lunches instead of going out for food for lunches and suppers to cut back on spending. So, since you don’t always have a package to look at to see the nutrition info, I’m pre-packing lunches based on weight to a set amount of carbs per meal and snack. Meals usually average 30-40g of carb and snacks are 20-30, depending on the food. Some fruits you can’t help but go over 20g because of the size, but when packing things like Chex-Mix, it makes it easier to know you have the right serving size.


The baby is doing great. He’s moving and scooting all around in there, and kicking me with all his might it seems. He has a pattern in his movements now too, so I can pretty well tell when he’s sleeping or awake. Most of his movements are from 9-10am, 2-4pm, and again late at night from 7-9pm. Granted, he probably moves in between these times, but these are the times he’s his strongest. I have to admit, waiting to feel him kick was something I always looked forward to knowing what it felt like, and it is very awesome to feel, but it’s also one of the weirdest things I’ve ever felt. Sometimes he kicks and punches, and I’ll feel it at the top and bottom of my belly. I just sit back and let him have some room to move and watch him move my belly.


Everything I’m doing to fine tune may seem to be a lot, but I can’t help but be OCD about everything right now. Sometimes I just want to give up and relax, but then I feel him move or kick, and I know that I can’t. I have to hold out just a little longer so I can know I did everything I possibly knew to manage my diabetes so that he’ll be as healthy as possible.