What a Ride!

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What a Ride!

It's officially summer. Many people with children use this time for family vacations. There are also town festivals and county fairs. Many of those have rides. It always seems like the rollercoaster is the favorite. After getting off a rather exciting (or terrifying) coaster, you might hear someone exclaim, "What a ride!"

Many people in the diabetes community refer to their blood sugar going up and down as a "glucoaster" ride. Get it? Glucose + rollercoaster = glucoaster. Our town festival has the rides that my kids like, craft booths that I like, and of course the food that we all like. The joys of lemon shake-ups and funnel cake brings to the mouth many times cause a glucoaster for a person with diabetes.

Many times in life we have to decide if the ride is scary or exciting. With diabetes, we definitely experience both. When things are scary, we need to make sure we have a friend or loved one who might be able to join us on the ride and hold our hand. If things are going well and are exciting, we can throw our hands in the air and scream with a big smile on our face, enjoying life.

Whatever type of ride you're on, remember you're not alone. We're all in this together. What a ride!