Woman of Few Words

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Woman of Few Words

Not much to say this week.

Probably why I procrastinated this week's blog.  Choir is over for the season.  Summer is coming.   Not much going on.

I finally did sign up for the Avon Walk.  Now, I need to start training.  No more off the beaten path with the diet and execise.  Time to get back to serious.

I have experienced some success but I need to get back on task before I gain it all back and find myself at the starting line.  Walking is a fairly easy exercise and thankfully my legs still work so I have no excuses.  It is free.  Just costs me a bit of time.  Hopefully I can get motivated now to kiss my hiatus goodbye.  Still feeling pretty good even though my numbers are not in their record lows like they were in the previous weeks.  Still better than before so I am not verving off completely.  Mildly rebellious.

Excited to see you sisters at the quarterly meeting here in Raleigh on Saturday.

Good night world.  Keep pressing forward ladies.