Wonderful October PODS Meeting in Princeton NJ area

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Wonderful October PODS Meeting in Princeton NJ area

We had a wonderful October PODS meeting in the Princeton, NJ area and wanted to share it with all of you. We were using the DS manual and kept the discussion related to "Our Greatest  Challenges in Coping with Diabetes", the October topic. What was so wonderful was the openness and humor we shared. At one point a passerby( we meet in a room in a local public library) opened the door to see why we were laughing so much.

So here are some of the stories:

We had a new member who was adjusting to her relatively recent diagnosis and need to use insulin. We had another group member who has been Type 1 for forty years telling us "I am sick and tired of being diabetic. I just want a break from it." And another member sharing that she is Type 1 and a nurse and mother and she has trouble making time to eat during her nursing shift. And another member whose husband also has chronic health issues but does not take care of himself so she has to manage her health and his ,all very overwhelming. And another member who during her Yoga class was asked about her insulin pump and was confronted with people's lack of understanding and the stigma of diabetes.

As we brainstormed over our common challenges: meal planning, putting ourselves first, staying on top of taking our medications, we were using heart felt humor and compassion and real feelings for each other's struggles.

Because we are a group  we were not so alone with the fears and worries and the constant decisions of living with demanding chronic illness.

As we laughed we lightened our individual cares and it made it easier for each one of us to keep making the best of our lives and our situations.

Hope your challenges are lessened thru our shared  Sisterhood,