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Are you new to diabetes? Did you recently find out you are expecting? Do you feel as though no one really understands what you go through on a daily basis? Are you terrified of doing something wrong? Would you like to hear about another woman’s struggles and triumphs with diabetes?

You can find exactly what you are looking for HERE at DiabetesSisters. Through our sisterTALK blogs, you will find an outstanding network of women who share their thoughts and feelings about the nuances of living with diabetes in weekly blogs. Whether you are experiencing Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, or pregnancy and diabetes, there is someone here who "speaks your language." Every woman is highlighted for 3-6 months to tell us about her diabetes journey in her own words. By rotating bloggers on a 3-6 month basis, our readers are allowed to read about many different perspectives on the disease. If you have something in common with our highlighted bloggers or have a thought to share, we invite you to comment below the blog. If you are interested in serving as one of our "highlighted bloggers", please email us at

I hate rollercoasters

Emotional Well-Being

I could never be one of those people!

You know, the ones who leap out of airplanes and climb sheer cliffs. Don’t get me wrong something in me would like to be like that, but I don’t think it’s in my DNA. My first roller coaster ride was a horror show and I swore ‘never again’. I’ve never considered myself a risk taker until I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Exercise and Type 2

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

As a person with Type 2 diabetes that is currently diet and exercise controlled, that entails watching what I eat and actually exercising. However, what happens when foot pain gets in the way of walking, let alone exercising?

Periodic Exams Recommended for People with Diabetes

Ask our Physician

Q: Dr. Stanislaw, I've had type 1 diabetes for 10 years and want to stay as healthy as I can be. What tests should I have each year to make sure my body stays healthy?

A: Great question! Besides the A1c, there are many other tests that you should do proactively to stay on top of your health. I will detail them below.

2017 Diabetes Hands Foundation Masterlab: Perspectives and Pitches

sisterSTAFF Blog

Like many Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF) Masterlab Fellows, I was not sure of exactly what to expect from the experience before I arrived in Oakland on Friday, March 31 for the 2017 Masterlab weekend. Like many of you, I had read many blog posts and spoken with several advocates in the diabetes online community who attended Masterlab in previous years (and a few of them were in the room this year, too). But this year’s event seemed different – and turned out to be different in a lot of ways.

Moving past those bad blood sugar days (and getting smarter about exercise)

Type 1 Diabetes Blog
I’ve reached that point in my life. The point in my life that when I share that I have diabetes, I get that knowing look. The look that says, “Yes, I can see you’re overweight.” Then come the suggestions that my diabetes will magically go away if I just exercise and control my diet. For the most part, I try to be patient with new people. I understand that most people see the commercials on television that talk about how this new pill helps control an adult’s blood sugar along with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Stepping Back and Giving Myself Some Credit


I struggle with things outside of my control. I want to be able to control everything. I always wish that if I put my all into everything and follow directions, I will see my desired result.

That’s possible in a lot of avenues. Chronic illness? Not so much. You can do all of the “right” things with diabetes- one day you might get all the desired results you and your endocrinologist hope for. But… maybe the next day that isn’t so- even if you do EXACTLY the same thing. It’s frustrating. It can be really disheartening. It can put a damper on your motivation. And- it can just hurt (physically, emotionally, and mentally).

How to Avoid Spring Allergies Naturally

Ask our Physician

Q: Dr. Stanislaw, I love the warmer spring temperatures, but I'm dreading dealing with those awful allergy symptoms that I get every year. I don't want to keep taking all of these over-the-counter drugs. Are there natural ways to avoid allergies?

A: Excellent question. Not only are there natural ways, but natural modalities are healthier for you, and can be safer and more effective than OTC remedies.

In order to avoid spring allergy symptoms in these next few months and be able to enjoy being outside, you’ll want to take certain steps to ensure your health and energy levels are at their best. Spring is the perfect time to do some cleaning, not just inside your house, but inside your body as well.

Here are my top tips for ensuring your health is at its best this spring: