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Pregnancy & Motherhood

Three weeks to go

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Good Evening

Well, it is a countdown for me now.  I have had some ups and downs over the last couple of weeks.  The ups have been the doctor visits and results.  The downs have been some health issues. 

First I will address the good news.  Things are still on track for the pregnancy.  The baby now weighs 5 pounds 2 oz.  That is just above average so we are still looking good as far as the size of the baby.  My fluid levels are great.  My blood pressure is still where it needs to be.  I had one worry creep up and that was a trace of ketones in my urine.  I asked the doctor if that was something I needed to worry about.  He said that if my sugars were way out of control then yes but they aren’t so I really shouldn’t worry.  He told me that it meant my body was hungry.  I was burning muscle.  Considering that I haven’t really gained any weight throughout the pregnancy, I can easily believe that.  He actually told me to go eat something.  So I did.  My friends all thought that was very funny.  They love that my doctor tells me I need to be eating more.  I have gotten a couple more talks about the possible complications that can happen in these last three weeks.  It is a constant watch.  I actually feel like I am being watched by everyone right now.  My husband jumps at every moan.  My coworkers worry over every ouch.  My doctor asks about every symptom.  It is very funny sometimes.  Everyone is on eggshells right now.  I did say earlier that it is three weeks to go.  We have set the date for my C-section to April 7th.  We are fairly certain that we will stick to that date and it will be a C-section no matter what.  First, I am not dilated.  There is no pressure on my cervix.  Lastly, the baby is still breech and we are pretty sure he doesn’t intend on turning anytime soon. 

The bad news is that I got a sinus infection last week and had a really bad cough.  Through all of this I pulled a muscle in my stomach.  I had to make a special trip to the doctor because of where the muscle was located.  It could have easily been something other than just a pulled muscle.  Luckily, that is all it was.  I have had a bit of trouble getting around this week because of it.  I almost die from pain every time I cough or sneeze.  It also gets very inflamed after I am on my feet for awhile. I have hoped that I would be able to make it through work up until right before the baby is born.  I am finding it harder to go on for a full day every day at work.  The pressure of the growing weight is becoming great now.  I think this is just something I have to deal with.  At least I can say this is a normal pregnancy symptom and not just related to diabetes.


First BPP

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February 28, 2010

Good Evening.  I had a visit to the doctor this week.  We had our first BioPhysical Profile done.  I was very nervous as to what they might find.  I have to say that I am quite pleased with the results.

First, I will say that just the idea of the BioPhysical profile scared me.  I knew how active my baby was but I was scared for some reason when someone else was looking at it.  To update everybody, a BioPhysical Profile is an ultrasound that looks at the activity, breathing and heart beat of the baby.  They monitor these activities while they are looking over the baby.  I can feel that the baby is moving all the time but I can’t feel the heartbeat or breathing.  I think this is what I was scared about.  Another fear I had is that my baby is in a very weird position and I wondered just what they may be able to see.  I have not had very much success with my ultrasounds because of this position.  I am happy to report that although it was difficult, long and tiring we were able to see everything we needed to see.  My baby is currently in a breech position.  I am not sure he will move either.  He is very long and I don’t know if he can even have enough space to move around in the correct position.  Even if I go into natural labor, I suspect I will have a C-Section just because of the breech position.  I only have 5 weeks left so there isn’t that much time left.  We found out from the ultrasound that he weighs about 4 ½ pounds right now which is average size for 32 weeks.   I was very happy to hear that.  It sounds so funny to me to say that I am looking for an average baby but I really am.  I don’t want to hear that he is too big or too small or anything like that.  I just want to hear he is right where he should be.  So far, that is exactly what we have found out.  In addition to this good news, my doctor told me I should be commended for my efforts.  He said all the baby’s numbers and my numbers support the fact that I had done an excellent job in controlling my diabetes during the pregnancy.   He said that unless I had, either I and/or the baby would be showing some side effects by now and nothing has surfaced.  It even looks like now the baby will only be about 7 pounds when he is born.  This is great.  We couldn’t have asked for better news.  We could see the whole pregnancy that my blood sugar was staying in control but it was impossible until now to see what effect it had on the baby.  We now have our confirmation of the positive effect on the baby.  My husband also got good news for his concern.  He has been concerned that I would have complications in my recovery from a C-Section.   The doctor told him that with the great control I have had it shouldn’t be any different than it was the first time. He says that my body should be able to handle a surgery as well as if I didn’t have diabetes.  This is a relief to most of my family.  I will say I have worked for it.  It was a struggle in the beginning but I have really learned a lot over these months.  I think that my fight with diabetes will be easier from now on since I had this to teach me. 

I will keep everyone updated.  I will be having a BioPhysical Profile and doctor visit every week until the baby is born.  Hopefully, more good news is on the way.



In the Home Stretch

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February 15, 2010

Good day! Everything is still on track. I had another doctor appointment this last Tuesday.   I got the “big” talk from the doctor this last week.

The big talk consisted of what we are getting into now, the risks of the pregnancy and where we stand.  We started off by talking about how I am doing.  Great news is I am doing good now.  Everything is going as it should be for a normal pregnancy.  We also talked about where my sugar levels are right now.  He told me that he is thinking about increasing my glyburide.  I agreed that my levels are creeping up and might need to increase.  We decided that we wouldn’t do it just yet but it wouldn’t be far off.  To update that, I am emailing the doctor my levels this week and I will be asking to increase my medicine.  My levels are too high right now.  Secondly the doctor informed me of my risks with pregnancy and diabetes.  He told me that no one really knows why yet but even with the best controlled cases of diabetes complications can happen.  They suspect it has to do with the lessened nerve connections but really just don’ know yet.  Because of this, I have to get a BioPhysical Profile performed on the baby every 2 weeks.  I have to visit the doctor every week now.  A BioPhysical Profile is an ultrasound where they are watching the reactions of the baby.  They are watching if he is moving, breathing, heart beating and how often.  If by chance the baby isn’t moving, they will give him some sort of stimuli like something to drink or noise and se his reaction.  I will also be getting regular growth ultrasounds where they are making sure he isn’t getting too large.  I am going into all this with positive thinking.  I know that even though I am absolutely perfect something could happen.  I just have to keep positive.  So far, I can’t say my pregnancy has been very bad.  It has been pretty normal.  I am just hoping the same holds true for the last 7 weeks.  I am definitely in the home stretch now.  I just have to make sure I keep looking towards the home plate.

Hello Logan Paul!

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February 2, 2010

Hello everybody!

Well, I am sorry I am late with my post.  I got so busy this weekend I just let it slip my mind.  We have been snowed in for about 4 days.  For Nashville, TN, we might as well say we had a blizzard. (haha)  Things are going pretty good with the pregnancy.  I had a doctor’s appointment this last week.

I am very happy to say that all is GREAT!  We had an ultrasound done this last visit.  It took about an hour and a half.  Whew, I was tired when it was over.  The baby is in a very bad position and is very deep inside me so it is hard to get pictures of everything they need to see.  We barely got to see the baby’s head this last time because it was deliberately hiding.  Yes, even the ultrasound technician said that.  The baby had its neck hyper extended and its head tucked behind the placenta.  It really looked like it was trying to play hide and seek.  Here is all the news we found out.  The baby is perfect size.  I am healthy.   The baby and I are showing no signs of any diabetes side effects yet.   I am very pleased with this fact.  My blood pressure was low which I found very good since being high is a symptom of Preeclampsia.  I had lost 3 pounds.  I can only attribute that to the increase in my metabolism since being pregnant because me and fatty food are very good friends right now.  Last but not certainly not least, we found out that we are having a boy!  So, my son is elated but my husband is disappointed.  I am just happy to hear about the healthy prognosis.  We can now refer to my large hump and Logan Paul.  It makes it easier than just talking about the “it” in my belly.  The doctor did inform me that I would most likely increase my dosage of Glyburide one more time before the end of the pregnancy.  He said that is perfectly normal.  As the baby gets larger, the demands on my body of insulin become greater and therefore I will need something to manage it more.  I am comfortable with that because I am still not taking a very large amount and am keeping pretty good control of my levels.  I have noticed that my body is reacting a little differently to certain types of food lately.  One thing is no matter what type or how it is cooked, I cannot eat Hot dogs and French Fries.  My blood sugar goes through the roof when I combine those items.  I can eat each separately but not together.  There are some more weird combos for me but I just try to notice it when it happens and stay away from it in the future.  Health wise I feel super.  I am having typical pregnancy pains like backache, pelvis aches, etc., nothing major though.  I did slip and fall in the ice on Sunday.  I just fell right on my butt so I am pretty sure I didn’t cause any problems to the pregnancy.  I am having no pain or other side effects.

As far as other matters, we finally have nursery furniture and everything laid out for the baby.  I have my bags packed for the “just in case” scenario.  I am feeling pretty prepared at the moment.  I am sure I will remember something later that I should be freaking out about. 

Less than 3 months!

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January 16, 2010

Hello Everyone

I don’t really have much to report this week.  I have had a pretty quiet week.  I am just dealing with are the overwhelming things to be done before the baby is here.

We toured the hospital this week.  We were impressed with the efforts of the hospital for high risk pregnancies.  This is not something we even considered with the last baby.  They have a whole floor for just high risk mothers.  I was informed that I most likely would not be put on this floor which I considered a relief.  When I asked about how they dealt with diabetic mothers, the first question I was asked was “am I on insulin”.  I told them no, that I took Glyburide.  The nurse said I should do just fine then.  The particular nurse that gave the tour was a high risk nurse.  She said that most mothers on Glyburide do not have trouble regulating their sugar levels after birth.  She said it was a very different story with insulin.  I took some comfort in this. 

Now, I am just getting nervous about everything else like, the baby bed, clothes, diapers, work, etc.  It is just hard to believe it will be less than 3 months.  It doesn’t seem like so long when you really think about it.  I am always the over prepared one and I don’t feel at all prepared this time.  With my first child, I was not working so I had all the time in the world to get ready for him.  That is not the case this time.  I feel like everything is closing in and I am down to the wire.  Heaven forbid, the baby should decide to come earlier than the 3 month span.  I am sure these are all worries of every mother.  It has just been so long between pregnancies that I can’t remember it.  I also think I am a little more worried about this one because of all the possible things that could go wrong with the diabetes.  I will just be waiting it out and doing what I can about the nerves.


Doctor's Report

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January 10, 2010

Good Evening!

Everything is good with me.  I hope everyone else had a good weekend.  It was quite cold here.  Other than that, there isn’t much going on.  My appointment with the doctor went well.

The heartbeat was fine at 148.  I had a cervix check and all was good there.  He did increase my glyburide to taking 5 mg with dinner instead of 2.5 mg.  I was expecting this since my fasting numbers had gotten kind of high.  It seems to be working.  My fasting numbers have gone down since the increase.  I hope this is the last increase until the end of the pregnancy but we will see.  I know things are only going to get harder from here on out.  The last trimester is the hardest on the diabetes.  The demands of my body and the baby get much greater.  I have gained 5 pounds total in the pregnancy so that is great news.  As long as I don’t do too much more, I will feel very accomplished.  At this point, I am certain that the weight I gain is all baby and not me.  I keep getting smaller but my belly gets bigger.  It is very odd.  My shoulders and chest are smaller than they have been in awhile and my butt has all but disappeared.  I am quite excited to see what my body looks like after the birth.  I am also strangely excited to get back to my regular diet for the diabetes.  It will feel more normal than the cravings I currently have.  The doctor also informed me that he would take the baby at 38 weeks by C-section if I didn’t go into labor naturally before then.  He is making plans for every scenario.  He told me there is a high chance of having the baby as early as 32 weeks.  If I go into labor on my own, he wants me to try to have the baby vaginally.  He feels that it will go fast in that case and would be less traumatic on my body. If I go into labor naturally, I will have to have an epidural.   If that isn’t the case, they will do a spinal for the C-section.  I am really mixed on what I prefer to happen.  I would like the experience of a natural birth because I didn’t have that with the first one.  However, I know that would mean that I am having the baby early and that worries me also.  I also am not looking forward to the epidural.  I had a really bad experience with the epidural with my first child.  They didn’t put it in correctly and had to do it a second time.  I also had one side that didn’t seem to get numb enough.  I didn’t really have any bad after effects just get sore around that area every month around my period.  I didn’t get the “big” headache though.  The doctor also told me that at 32 weeks I would start seeing him more than I cared to.  He said I would be in at least once a week for some kind of testing; either a non stress test on the baby or an ultrasound.  At this point, things will start getting crucial.  We will need to constantly check the size of the baby and the state of the baby and me.  We have to make sure we are all up to it.  I would guess that if the baby looks as if it is getting to large, they might go ahead and schedule a c-section to avoid other risks.  I am hoping that isn’t the case.  I have an ultrasound scheduled for January 26.  Hopefully, I will find out if it is a boy or girl by then.  I am also hoping for good news on health and size then also.  The last ultrasound couldn’t see everything but did look good as far as size.  I will keep everyone updated.


Happy New Year!

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January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had good holidays.  Mine have been relatively quiet.  I have time to catch up on some rest and get some things done.  This is great emotionally since that nesting syndrome has kicked into high gear lately.

I made it through Christmas better than Thanksgiving.  I think Thanksgiving prepared me for Christmas actually.  My sugars have been pretty stable lately.  I don’t really seem to be suffering any major side effects of pregnancy or diabetes right now.  I am very thankful for that.  I really only have minor aches and pains from my growing belly.  I am 6 months pregnant now and can’t believe it.  In ways I wish it was April already and in ways I can’t believe I am really pregnant – UNTIL – I get this ENORMOUS kick in the gut.  Whew, I have a little soccer star in there.  This one kicks me all the time.  I can’t believe how active it is. I am also only a couple of weeks from the third trimester.  Wow, it has passed quickly. 

I have been really on the watch out for any signs of diabetes problems, especially since it would be the time to test for Gestational Diabetes.   I figure that now would be the time that some of the side effects would start showing if there were going to be any.  As far as my health, I haven’t noticed anything.  I am not gaining an abnormal amount of weight.  I think I have gained about 5 pounds through the whole pregnancy.  I am not having any kind of swelling which might indicate preeclampsia.  My sugar doesn’t seem to be spiking abnormally either.  Oh and I don’t seem to have any urinary tract problems.  These are all things I have read to watch out for.  I will have to wait for my visit to the doctor to see about the health of the baby.  I think everything is okay because the baby is active and I am not suffering any side effects.  I hope to hear the same from the doctor.  I go to the doctor on Tuesday and will find out something.

Diseases Diseases

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December 19, 2009

Hello everybody!

Well, Christmas is almost here.  I have suffered some setbacks the last couple of weeks.  My pregnancy is fine but my physical health was not very good.

I started feeling sick about 2 weeks ago but just thought I was fighting off some of the many viruses that go around this time of year.  My finger started swelling up last Saturday.  I mistakenly assumed it was Paronychia.  I have gotten this once before since having diabetes.  I thought it was coming up again.  This simply is a fungus type disease in the cuticle or finger.  It is very common in diabetics because it is hard for diabetics to fight fungus for some reason.  I just figured I would call my doctor on Monday and get some antibiotics.  By Sunday afternoon, I quickly realized I was dealing with something quite different.  My whole hand was swollen and I had pain radiating up my arm.  My arm pretty much felt like a big bruise.  I was also feeling like I was getting the flu.  I called the doctor on call and he thought it might be Herpetic Whitlow but said that I must come in on Monday and have it looked at.  Overnight the swelling just got worse and I barely got any sleep from the pain.  My arm was useless on Monday.  I couldn’t move my arm.  I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I went to the doctor and found out I had Cat Scratch Disease or fever.  Now I thought this was always a made up disease until now.  Apparently, I had a little cut on my hand and my cat licked it.  My cat was caring the Bartonella bacteria that causes cat scratch disease.  Due to the fact that I am pregnant, I have a very low immune system so my body couldn’t fight the germ like it normally would.  The bacteria makes the place of infection irritated and swollen then the really bad part happens.  The infection travels to the lymph nodes and causes them to get infected too.  This is why I felt like I was getting the flu.  You have to take an antibiotic to get over it and it can take up to 2 months to completely feel better.  I started the treatment and within 3 days I started noticing improvement.  My hand is no longer swollen.  My finger still has the infected area on it but it gets smaller every day.  My lymph nodes seem to be the longest to recover.  I still have soreness like a bruise in my arm and hand but thankfully I am able to use my hand and arm again.  I have to take short breaks every now and then because it gets tired quickly.  I would have never thought that a lick from a cat could have caused all this.  As far as the baby is concerned, there aren’t any harmful affects to it.  The medicine I had to take was a type B medicine so that was good.  The baby was protected by the increased immune system that it is borrowing from me.  If anything, I have provided the antibodies to the baby so that it can fight it better should it ever come into contact with this bacteria after it is born.

On the pregnancy front, all is going well.  I have a little gymnast or soccer player in me because I am suffering some pretty serious kicks now.  At least I know it is an active baby.  I have my next appointment on January 5th.  My sugars were a little off during the infection but are returning to normal now.  I think everything is progressing well.



First Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

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December 6, 2009

This was my first Thanksgiving with Diabetes.  I made it without too many problems.  I have also had my Big ultrasound in the pregnancy.

First, I’ll say that I made it through Thanksgiving!  Woo Hoo!  I was kind of scared I would blow my sugars up during the holiday break but thanks to several months of practice I did quite well.  I was able to sample all of the traditional foods without going overboard.  I owe that all to practice.  Really, I must have changed some of my taste buds also because it wasn’t really that hard to say no to some things.  I really like that feeling.  I figured it would be really hard because there are a lot of starches served in our typical Thanksgiving meal and this baby hasn’t really craved the best things for me.  I did make good choices and good combos that allowed me to eat pretty much what I wanted.  I am pretty proud of myself. 

Second, I have noticed in the past couple of weeks that my sugars have elevated a little.  The doctor noticed too.  I have had to increase my medicine a little.  I now take Glyburide 2.5 mg twice a day, one with both breakfast and dinner.  This is still a low dosage but I was expecting that. I expect that I will be taking one with every meal by the end of the pregnancy.  I have noticed that my appetite seems to increase as the pregnancy progresses so my need for medicine will increase also.  I have one thing to be thankful for though.  My appetite has changed recently and I am craving healthier foods like salad and vegetables instead of chocolate and hamburgers.

Lastly, I had my “big” ultrasound this last week.  I can’t give any news about gender because the baby played hide and go seek on us.  We couldn’t even get all the looks we needed to determine the health of the baby.  The good news is that everything they could see looks great.  The baby is perfect in size.  The heartbeat is great and what organs we could see look good.  Apparently, the ultrasound said enough to the doctor that he extended my visit to 5 weeks out instead of the 3 I have had to go lately.  I think he is quite pleased with how well the pregnancy is going considering all the things that could have gone wrong.  I can say that I definitely am pleased.  We had some difficult times in the beginning but everything seems to be coasting along now.   I still am not sure if those difficulties were due to the diabetes or would have happened anyways.  I just now that this pregnancy has been a lot harder than the first one without the diabetes.  As far as the baby, I will need to go back in six to eight weeks s they can see all the things they need to see.  I will know more than how the diabetes has affected the baby.



Everything is running smoothly

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November 21, 2009

Good day!


I have great news this week.  My hemoglobin A1C came back at 5.3.  This is terrific.  I felt like I was trying to do everything to keep good numbers so it is marvelous when the numbers actually support that too.

Right now things are pretty quiet for me.  I am feeling well.  I am managing the stress.  I am not having a difficult time making good food choices.  My numbers are excellent.  Well, some of them.  I am getting some high numbers for my blood glucose levels.  I think I will probably be increasing my medicine some time soon.  There are times when I know exactly why I have the high numbers.  I know when I have eaten something I shouldn’t have.  I still have a few times that catch me by surprise.  Those are the ones I worry about.  The food I can easily modify to make the numbers come down.  My major problem right now is balancing the amount of food I want to eat to the amount I should eat.  My appetite as greatly increased, as it should.  I am entering the stage where the baby is doing nothing but fattening up.  The stage where I should be gaining at least 2 pounds a week.  Well, I am pretty sure this isn’t going to happen because it didn’t with my first child.  Although most stuff has been different with this pregnancy, I still have lost weight while pregnant like I did with the first one.  I usually don’t actually put on any weight until the last trimester and then it is all the baby.  I think the pregnancy has afforded me the opportunity to really gain control of my diabetes so that after the pregnancy, I will have no problem at all.  I like believing in this.  It gives me hope.  I am sure that I will have an easier time with my food choices and habits in the future because of how tightly I have controlled it for these ten months.