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Are you new to diabetes? Did you recently find out you are expecting? Do you feel as though no one really understands what you go through on a daily basis? Are you terrified of doing something wrong? Would you like to hear about another woman’s struggles and triumphs with diabetes?

You can find exactly what you are looking for HERE at DiabetesSisters. Through our sisterTALK blogs, you will find an outstanding network of women who share their thoughts and feelings about the nuances of living with diabetes in weekly blogs. Whether you are experiencing Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, or pregnancy and diabetes, there is someone here who "speaks your language." Every woman is highlighted for 3-6 months to tell us about her diabetes journey in her own words. By rotating bloggers on a 3-6 month basis, our readers are allowed to read about many different perspectives on the disease. If you have something in common with our highlighted bloggers or have a thought to share, we invite you to comment below the blog. If you are interested in serving as one of our "highlighted bloggers", please email us at

Matters of the Heart

Type 1 Diabetes Blog

There’s so much more to living with diabetes than meets the eye. Sure, it’s easy to get wrapped up in dealing with how much time it takes to test, carb count, and calculate insulin doses. Our mind often notices how difficult the physical symptoms of a low, or high, can be, but how often do we truly turn inward and think about how having diabetes really makes us feel?

Obesity- Taking Back Ourselves

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

As I continue my lifelong struggle as as obese person, I now have the benefit of a retospective view. I have thought so often about the WHY: growing up in the height of the diet culture and developing a chronic sense of body dissatisfaction, a genetic predisposition with a long family history of overweight and Type 2 diabetes. I can list them all.

There are so many myths about body weight and size and so much shame, guilt, frustration and self loathing.

Cookies Made With Love Are Better

Emotional Well-Being

Let’s pretend that you just checked your blood sugar and “264” showed up. What is your immediate thought? To get the full effect of this post, please take a few moments and write down some of the thoughts that run through your head.

I’ve done this exercise with numerous folks with diabetes (both type 1 and type 2), and I often hear things like, “I can’t believe I ate that third cookie! I have no self-control!” or “How can I still be so bad at this? I’m such a failure!” (and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had those same thoughts myself).

New Year, New Opportunities

Type 1 Diabetes Blog

As trite as it may seem, New Years really is a great time to reflect on the previous year. As we begin to set intentions for the twelve months to come, we can think back on how much we’ve changed and about the growth that’s yet to come. It’s the time of year when the holidays finally end and life begins to settle back into the familiar routines we’re used to.

New Year Priorities

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

2018 is the year I stop making New Year's resolutions. 

What are resolutions anyway? Basically, you promise to deny yourself something you love or to start doing something you hate. You can stick with it for a short period of time, but then you have a stressful day and all bets are off. Next comes the guilt.

Why put yourself through that?

Conversations about Obesity

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

At the last Diabetes Sisters Weekend for Women Conference in October 2017 in Alexandria, Virginia, I was a presenter on the subject of eating disorders- my specific topic was compulsive eating and Type 2 diabetes.  I was very happy to add my personal story to the many stories about coping with chronic illnesses. It is a bit exhilarating to speak your story aloud and to hope that your individual pain and recovery touches another person listening.