It's official...

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It's official...

I've tried quite a few different low treatments throughout my travels. If I don't have glucose tabs on hand for some reason I reach for the nearest sugar source I can find, whether it be juice or crackers or candy. Often with a different language I don't know quite what's in the box, but I know it's in the right category of quick acting carbs.

In China, I was on my way to dinner and felt a little shaky. After checking and seeing 42 mg/dl, I realized that waiting for dinner wasn't an option. I didn't have glucose tabs because we were supposed to go right to dinner and back. So into the closest convenient store I went.

I grabbed the first things I could find - a box of Papaya milk - thinking that "milk" was a mistranslation of juice or nectar or something like that. Nope! It was milk, with a lot of sugar and a papaya flavor. And it was room temperature. As you can imagine, it was pretty bad. It officially tops the list as the worst low treatment I've tried while traveling.

If I was any where higher than 42 mg/dl, I would not have touched the stuff. Here's to hoping I won't have to try it again!