DiabetesSisters Host Livliga Giveaway!

DiabetesSisters Host Livliga Giveaway!

We  are excited to bring you three special Diabetes Awareness Month Livliga Giveaways! There are many ways to enter and you can enter several times using comments here, tweets via twitter and posts, shares, and likes on Fabebook! Each time you mention this giveaway on social media, you will get an extra entry. 

Week 1 (Nov. 5-11th): LivSpoons

Week 2 (Nov. 12-18th): Livliga Glassware

Week 3 (Nov. 19-27th): Livliga Dinnerware Set for 4

Halsa Dinnerware

"Livliga, founded in early 2011 in Boulder, Colorado, was conceived out of a personal desire to find an answer to our supersized world surrounding eating and to find a better solution beyond the ugly "diet plate". Sheila Kemper Dietrich, Livliga Founder and CEO, recognized the need to “right-size” the food environment and set off to develop a suite of everyday products, which included discrete portion control and subtle reminders, for a balanced diet to support a healthy lifestyle."  

DiabetesSisters was offered a set of dishes to sample and review. Here's what we thought:

The dishes arrived in a beautiful box, complete with dinner plate, salad plate, mug and bowl. My immediate thought was, 'These are really stylish. I could use them every day!' (I chose the Halsa pattern, which has various tones of blue in it.) I also noticed the portion sizes on the dishes, integrated right into the design of the plates. And then, I turned the dish over, only to discover a key to note what each circle on the plate represented - a cheat sheet, if you will. Ingenious!

When it came time for dinner, I was actually excited to see how much I could fit onto a plate. The smaller plate had great space for a dinner salad and appropriately-sized dressing (1/8 cup). The plate could also be used for an additional side (1/2 cup) or even dessert. The larger dinner plate provides a space for fruits/veggies (1 cup), grains (1/2 cup), protein (2 - 6 oz., depending on type), and sauce (1/8 cup). I added my favorites on the dish - a cup of broccoli and cauliflower, half a cup of brown rice and quinoa blend, and 4 oz. of baked chicken. In full disclosure, I used the sauce space for a small piece of chocolate for after dinner. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of food on the plate and never felt deprived or as if I wan't getting a sufficient amount.  

The following morning, I used the bowl provided to measure out a cup of cereal (the bowls have two design lines measuring 8 oz and 12 oz). and then added milk. Because I am not a coffee drinker, I used the mug for my nightly tea ritual. The mug also has a design on the inside indicating an 8 oz. drink.

Overall, using the dishes was a great experience. The incorporated portion control in the design of the dishes is a major draw for me. The various designs (Halsa and Vivente) available are ideal for any home as well. The dishes themselves are not heavy, they are solid and well-made. Livliga also offers glassware, stemware, kidsware and serving utensils. - Reviewed by Anna Norton, CEO, DiabetesSisters

Livliga is more than just plates, it is a full suite of products to make portion-control elegant, easy, and satisfying. This month, 3 lucky winners will take home a set of their new LivSpoons, a set of beverage glasses, and a 16-piece dinnerware set. 

Where to find Livliga:

Livliga Website

Livliga Facebook Page

Livliga Twitter Page

How to enter: 

Twitter: You can enter once a day using #DSGivawayLivliga. You can create your own tweet or simply use ours:

"This is my entry for the @DiabetesSisters and @livligahome #DiabetesMonth giveaway! #DOC #DSGiveawayLivliga"

"Portion control and awareness helps me manage my diabetes. #DSGiveawayLivliga @diabetessisters @livligahome"

Facebook: Visit and Like the DiabetesSisters and Livliga FB pages. One entry each. You may also comment on the posts that go out. Keep checking our FB page for new posts to comment on! 

Comment on this page: Answer the following question in the comments section on this page (1 entry):  

What is your best method of portion control and awareness during the holidays? 

Livliga Spoons


 If you aren't one of our lucky winners, be sure to stay tuned for Livliga's exciting winter deals that will help make giving the gift of health easier than ever. - OR - If you aren't one of our lucky winners, you can can still make Livliga part of your everyday routine, shop now


I use salad plates for my meals and small bowls for snacks rather than a larger plate or bowl or eating out of the container. I also don't hesitate to weigh and measure my food... Even at a family gathering!

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These tools are a great invetion for everyone not only in the diabetes community. But especially those of us in the diabetes community. :)

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