Famous DiabetesSisters

Famous DiabetesSisters

You Can Do It! 

Have you ever wondered, "Where are ALL of the women with diabetes?:  and "Why don't I see them/hear about them on television and in the media?"  In an effort to let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, we have compiled a list of well-known women with diabetes.  Reading this list should lift your spirits and let you know that you can reach for the stars.  Diabetes should never stop you from pursuing your dream, whether your dream is to be a well-known author, a world-renowned athlete, a glamorous Hollywood actress, or anything in between....YOU CAN DO IT!
Consider these well-known DiabetesSisters and their career paths....
Anne Rice, author of "Inteview with a Vampire"

Angie Stone, singer

Jessica Stone, actress and singer

Peggy Lee, singer from the 1950s

Sara Bina, champion clogger

Salma Hayek, actress

Sherri Shephard, comedienne, actress from the tv show "Sherri", co-host of "The View"

Patti LaBelle, pop singer

Mahalia Jackson, singer

Aretha Franklin, singerm (The Queen of Soul)

Ella Fitzgerald, jazz vocalist

Shirley Horn, Grammy-winning jazz singer

Mary Tyler Moore, actress and star of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
Delta Burke, actress on the tv show "Designing Women"
Jean Smart, actress on the tv show "Designing Women"

Carol Channing, Tony-award winning singer/actress in "Hello Dolly"

Dana Hill, actress and voice actor

Elizabeth Perkins, actress from the movie "Big" and the tv show "Weeds"

Halle Berry, Oscar-award winning actress

Zippora Karz, former New York City Ballet Soloist

Jo Ann Hart (Mother Love), radio show host and actress

Della Reese, singer and actress from the tv show "Touched by an Angel"

Nell Carter, acress on the tv show "Gimme a Break"

Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999

Elaine Stritch, comedienne

Elizabeth Taylor, actress from "National Velvet," Cleopatra," "Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf?"

Aida Tuturro, acress on the tv show "The Sopranos"

June Bierman, author of books of diabetes

Fran Carpentier, editor of Parade magazine

Billie Jean King, tennis professional

Michelle McGann, LPGA Golfer

Sherri Turner, LPGA Golfer

JoAnn Washem, LPGA Golfer

Cynthia Ice, developer of Lotus software

Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (first Hispanic justice; third female justice)

Janet Jagan, president of Guyana

Winnie Mandela, South-African anti-apartheid leader

Mabel King, actress from the tv show "What's Happening?"

Minnie Pearl, entertainer, actress on the tv show "Hee Haw"

Esther Rolle, actress on the tv show "Good Times"

Mae West, actress from "She Done Him Wrong" and "My Little Chickadee"

Jane Wyman, actress on the tv show "Falcon Crest"

Peggy Lee, singer and songwriter

Laura Ingalls Wilder, author

Sylvia Chase, ABC reporter