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I’m going through menopause. I’m having difficulty in sleeping at night and staying awake at daytime. I’m tired and exhausted most of the time. It’s so hard to deal with insomnia and hormonal imbalance due to menopause. Lately, I read a blog on sleep apnea and menopause. It says that both are kind of linked. From the blog, I learned that during perimenopause, ovaries gradually decrease the production of estrogen and progesterone. So I assume the lack of progesterone is causing me sleep apnea. I’m not sure I’m right but, I am certain that my symptoms are caused due to sleep apnea. The blog points out that the sleep can be affected adversely during menopause. I ignored the symptoms at first but now, it is affecting my daily being. I thought the discomforts would go away eventually but it is not happening. I’m losing my nerves. I don’t know how effective conventional medication would be in curing sleep apnea. I’m gonna give it a try anyway. I have fixed an appointment at a nearby clinic for sleep apnea treatment. I’m afraid if this treatment will mess up with my hormone levels again. Kindly share your views on this. Thank you.

Posted about 3 years ago