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I am 52 and starting to have irregular periods. I have been having hot flashes lately, that appear to coincide with high blood sugar.

Does anyone know for sure if there is any relation between the two and if so, what do you do, homeopathically or more naturally to deal with it please?
Posted about 10 years ago
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Hi Midoriice!

Since no one seems to be around...maybe it's vacation time?....I'll make a suggestion.

Stressors, any stressors on the body (good, bad or otherwise), cause your body to release stress hormones. These hormones make us more insulin resistant. This means that the insulin that we produce or inject doesn't work as well.

Some women who use insulin pumps temporarily adjust their basal (background) insulin rates if they are premenstrual or are having lots of flashes. (Always discuss any medication changes with your healthcare provider!)

For women who do not use insulin or whose healthcare providers do not want them to adjust their insulin doses, it is another story, as we feel helpless as our bodies go through these changes.

Many women I know have had success dealing with these hormonal changes by avoiding alcohol and caffeine (this includes chocolate), exercising, yoga, meditating and other relaxation techniques.

The good thing here (if there is a good thing!:woohoo: ) is to remember that this too shall pass! Not much fun though, is it?

Laurie P. :kiss:
Posted about 10 years ago