Upcoming episode of INTERVENTION

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The previews for the upcoming episode of the show Intervention showed a young adult man who has diabetes (insulin-dependent) and is not taking care of his health. Apparently, his family had to intervene to wake him up to the consequences of his negligence. It comes on Monday, January 5th at 9pm on A&E channel. I am interested to hear YOUR thoughts at the conclusion of this episode!!!!

Below is more info:

Monday, January 05th 09:00 pm ET

Tuesday, January 06th 01:00 am ET

John has type one diabetes but refuses to be diligent about checking his blood sugar, or taking his insulin. A social misfit and an outcast for many years, John wants to be considered a regular guy, and pretends to be one by eating whatever he wants without regard for his illness. He has been in a near-coma and hospitalized multiple times. His parents want to stop enabling his self-destructive behavior, but won't kick him out of the house because they fear he'll die without their supervision.
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