Brisk Walking or Dancing for diabetic

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Anyone have helpful insight or experience if brisk walking or dancing helps diabetic people? Thanks in advance ^_^

Posted about 1 year ago
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I couldn't find anything, but in this story the author recommends this.

"Take a walk (walk the dog!), talk with friends, play with the kids, dance, help clean up, or start a sing-along. " See it suggests both walking and dancing.


Posted about 8 months ago
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Hi Armen! I have surgical T1D and have recently started dance again, specifically ballet and tap. I have not danced llike this since I was a kid through my early 20's. I had been looking for a form of exercise that was fun and I could look forward to engaging in. I came across a local studio with adult classes and decided to sign up, not sure of what to expect. hI got to the firat class, I was not the oldest person there (I'm 57) & the teacher is in her late 60's!!!

I can say it has been a BLAST and each week I thoroughly look forward to class and after class I feel great!! My fellow dancers & I have an immensely fun time at class and spend a great deal of time laughing and connecting with each other in ways I hadn't expected.

I bring LOTS of Smarties with me to class as well as juice boxes and I check Dexcom frequently throughout class just to monitor how my BG is doing with the activity. I do unplug my pump and take it poff during class because I tend to bottom out with aerobic activity but your diabetes may vary!!


I did speak up to the instructor and informed her about my diabets, as well as give her a glucagon lit just incase (although in the five years since my diagnosis, I have never needed one but better to be safe than sorry. I also gave a tutorial on how to use it.

I would encourage you to incorporate dance into your exercise regime. It is fun and a great way to incorporate increased activity into your life!!

Posted about 7 months ago