cardio dlasses

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I have type 1 treated with insulin injestions for 18 months. Even before diagnosis I was a regular exerciaser, and went to the gym to classes 3-5 times a week, and dance 1-3 times a week too, so I'm quite fit. At diagnosis, unlike type 2, I was asked to cut down on the exercise, as it alters insulin sensitivity so much, but have refused to compromise, since it's one of the things I enjoy in life, and felt, and still do, that diabetes has taken away enough enjoyment without that too. It is, however still a struggle now, as the classes are not all at the same time of day, and my sugars are not well enough controlled to really be able to get a good starting sugar before exercise. I'm still struggling to work out what is the best thing to do if I start low / normal or high, and if that's different morning / evening or night time. If anyone has any ideas.........
Posted about 7 years ago