need ideas for starting to exercise

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Hi, I have recently begun a daily walking routine and would like some ideas about managing my BG levels. Here are some questions that I have at the moment (there are sure to be more later!)

I am Type I and wear an insulin pump:

1. How should I calculate how many carbs to eat before I walk 3 miles? I know it will be an experiment, but I need a starting place.

2. How often should I plan to stop to check my BG?

3. For how long afterward will the exercise likely affect my BG levels and what should I do about that?

Thanks for giving my your experience in this! Janis
Posted about 7 years ago
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Hi Janis--

You raise some really good questions-- that I, actually, don't know the answers to!

I'd suggest you send them to one of our great CDE's over on the Expert Advice page here:

Maybe someone else here on the forums will have some suggestions answers for you too... I'd be interested to hear what others have to say about this topic.

And, yay for a daily walking routine! That's great!
Posted about 7 years ago