Body posture and health

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Hey! A year ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Before that, I was not bothered about my health. But now, my situation is different. I changed my eating habits, I made changes in my sleeping hours and I started doing workouts. I thought I will be more healthy by bringing these changes in my life. But I was wrong. I have been experiencing neck pain and back pain for the past three months. I thought that the reason for my body pain was my diabetes. Yesterday I read a blog titled Mississauga chiropractors shares why posture is so important ( ). It is explained that poor posture gives poor health and it also affects our body mechanically, physiologically and neurologically. The article gives a clear idea about the various postures which have to be maintained. There are some exercises also to attain better posture and better health and these are also illustrated. What do you people think about changing the posture in reducing my pain?

Posted about 1 year ago