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Hi all,
I am conducting research to help people with diabetes (T1 and T2) and depression. I am hoping to find evidence to put forward a new therapy. There are 5 questionnaires which take approximately 20 minutes to complete. If anyone would like to take part in the research the link is below:

I would be extremely grateful if you decide to participate; there is a shortage of research in this area. You do not have to be suffering with depression to take part and all responses are confidential and anonymous.
The ultimate aim is to help diabetes patients in terms of reducing vulnerability to depression and examining how feasible it would be to introduce metacognitive therapy in replacement of traditional cognitive therapies.
Further information and contact details are provided on the questionnaire link. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any further questions,

Thank you
Rebecca Purewal
Institute of Psychology, Health and Society
Posted about 2 years ago
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Hi. I am diabetic. I feel depressed for silly things. I am not sure whether it is because of diabetes but I always had a positive attitude towards life about a few years ago. Now I am depressed because of my body structure. I have started gaining weight and my boobs have become sagging and drooping. I have tried many exercises and yoga to get rid of the excess flab. I was able to reduce my weight but that wasn’t very helpful in regaining my body figure. I lost confidence to face others. I am trying to avoid all social gatherings and I have become more concerned about my figure. I try to hide it with my jacket. I am planning to undergo a breast augmentation procedure in Barrie ( ) soon. I am very obsessed about it. Since I am diabetic, I am not sure whether I am an eligible candidate to undergo this procedure. I feel shattered and depressed. Someone, please help.

Posted about 11 months ago