Diabetes and oral health

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Hey! My mom is sixty two years old. Three years back, she was diagnosed with diabetes. One of her teeth got decayed and she is considering root canal therapy. I have scheduled an appointment for her in a family dental services clinic in Calgary. I have heard that diabetic patients are more prone to oral diseases. Is it true? Has anyone experienced such a situation? My mom is having dental problems frequently. I think diabetes is the cause for it. Any insight regarding this would be great. Thanks in advance.

Posted about 6 months ago

Hi Frances, I hope your mother is fine. Yes, I completely agree with you. My mom is also suffering from diabetes for the last one year. In diabetic patients, oral health problems are quite common. Sometimes severe gum issues also occur which destroys the bone around the teeth. If it is not treated then the teeth may start to get loose.
My mom has periodontitis and severe foot pain. Now she is under treatment and slowly recovering from it. Due to my busy schedule, I have appointed a caretaker from one of the senior care services near us. Take your mom for a regular checkup and give her more support and care. Have a nice time.

Posted about 4 months ago