Diabetes in the Workplace

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Hi all.

This is my very first time posting on the forum. I am a diabetic college student going to school for nursing.

I was recently at a clinical site (at a mental hospital) where I was taking my blood sugar and administering insulin in the staff break room. I was approached by my instructor and was told that I needed to clean the table, wash my hands, and that I can only do my diabetes care in restrooms instead of "public spaces" because it is an infection risk.

According to my instructor, it is the hospital's policy. I couldn't help but feel my rights were being taken away/ this picture wasn't right. I didn't think the employer, in this case, is allowed to tell the person protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act where they are allowed to complete their care.


Posted about 1 year ago
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Hmm...I never had that problem before. I don't take insulin, but I do take my blood sugar at work at my work station and my boss never said anything about it. Though I would be very upset as well.

Posted about 8 months ago