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Hey everyone! I've been in this group for over 3 years now when I made my first post on wanting an insulin pump. I've been using a pump for 3 years now! I remember when I was learning about pumps and CGMs and everything diabetes related and also wanted to feel "normal" as I knew no diabetics personally, I joined pages like this and watched a lot of YouTube videos. Well, now that I've felt so much more comfortable in my skin as a diabetic and learned a lot about care and managing my sugars better, I decided to give back to the community by making some videos of my own to hopefully help others. I decided to share it with you here to hopefully help someone else like they did me.

Long story short (so people who aren't interested don't feel obligated to click and so people who are interested don't miss out) I post educational videos as well as explaining my choices and experiences in all things diabetes! I'm super excited to upload this Friday's video, on my experience scuba diving with type 1 diabetes. I have only a small handful of videos so far, but I have 8 on scheduled record. It's only about 2 months old.

I've been type one diabetic for 19.5 years, and celiac for 4. I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 2 (I am now 21) and celiac at age 17. That's all for today! If you stop by, don't forget to say hi! :)



Posted about 6 months ago