Need to know more about the Psychological Assessment

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A really unfortunate incident took place last month. My SUV was heading east on King's Highway 401. It collided with a car heading south on the Range Road. The girl driving the other vehicle was taken to the nearby hospital and is safe now.

God orchestrates everything! That narrow escape made me realize that Almighty is working overtime to keep me safe. But, I am still in shock and am not able to sleep well for days now. I thought there is nothing to worry at all. Later it started to increase each day. As the disorder was severe, I decided to consult a doctor.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with our family doctor and did several check-ups. The doctor suggested a psychological assessment. I think psychological assessment in Toronto specialized in therapy could provide guidance regarding the condition. I'm totally ignorant about this treatment. Can someone please explain the process to me?
Thank You!

Posted about 7 months ago