Diabetes and Depression

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Posted about 5 years ago
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I have had severe depression since I was diagnosed. I'm wondering when it will go away. I'm fighting paranoia too. I seem to be terrified of going out at all. Can someone help me?

Posted about 2 years ago
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I just became a member of this site and didn't see this when I joined. I hope you come back and check for replies.

I was diagnosed at the age of 5. Back in the 1960's juvenile onset/type 1 diabetes was considered a disease. No big deal for me. I was told by my doctor, who I really loved, and I called him my diabetic doctor, and my parents, that I'd have diabetes for the rest of my life. Now telling this to a five year old is pretty meaningless back in the '60s.

So I was having my daily injection of beef nph u-40. I went through kindergarten with no problems. I walked to school with an older neighbor girl and I walked home by myself, remember it's the 1960's. By the time I was in the first year, I was beginning to realize what the rest of my life meant. It meant I'd have to be testing my urine, that's how we tested our blood sugars back then, and have daily shots FOREVER.

I started to rebel. Or as much as a 6 year old could. I didn't want to walk to school with my good friend any more. I decided that going to school wasn't for me. So my father had to take me. Then after he got back into the car, I'd grab onto the handle of the car and try to get back in. I did get back in several times, until he started locking the door. A few times, he tried to slowly drive off. None of this worked.

He talked to my family doctor. The family doctor suggested I see my diabetic doctor. But by this time my parents had decided I didn't need to see my endo any longer. So that wasn't an option. Instead the family doctor made an appointment with a psychiatrist. Now I don't know much of what happened during my session, but I do know that he hypnotized me. I went in afraid of diabetes, afraid of insulin, afraid of shots, afraid of being different. I came out, knowing I wasn't different, I just had juvenile onset diabetes. It was a disease, but I wasn't sick. The islets in my pancreas weren't making my insulin.

So I suggest you either fine a professional that you can talk with, another diabetic, or a friend.

Posted about 1 year ago