DKA and Pancreatitis. Fresh out of the hospital

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I am having a great deal of difficulty getting my blood sugar under control. I was diagnosed 11 days ago after being rushed to the hospital for DKA and pancreatitis. I have been out of the hospital for 4 days now. My ASI is 9.9 and I am taking insulin. My BG has been hovering around 300 since leaving the hospital. It's been as high as 467 (the night I got home) and as low as 170 ( tonight after going to bed). It has only been under 200 one other time. I raised my Hemolog 6 units over the sliding scale to achieve the 170. I am also between insurances right now and I can't see my physician until after the first of the year. I have no idea if I'm doing the right thing. I take 20 units of the Levemir first thing in the morning. I take Hemolog 4 times a day at meals and bedtime. I check my BG for the Hemolog dosage and 2 hours after meals. I count my carbs (keeping them between 100 and 140 per day) and fat (for the pancreatitis).  I also take a digestive enzyme capsule with my three main meals to keep the pancreatitis at bay. There is enough digestive enzymes in a capsule to help digest one balanced meal. And ,believe me when I say, I could not function without that digestive aid. It takes very little to set off my pancreas. My question restated: is raising my Hemolog dosage by 6 units over the sliding scale to get my BG levels down an okay thing to do? And, if not, then what?
Posted about 6 years ago