Diabetic & Low Carb Cookbooks for Free or Donation

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I’m writing this to ask for some help. You see my twin sister’s husband has diabetes and he’s doing really bad. Even with watching his diet and taking his medication properly he has been in the hospital numerous times over the past year. Even to the point where his job had to replace him with someone that they knew would be there most of the time. Needless to say medical bills have piled up and so have other bills. I won’t go into all the detail I’m sure others are in the same place. But needless to say they need some help.

So one of the things I’m doing to help them out (them and their two boys live with me now). Is my fiancé gave me 2 cookbooks with publishing rights. One is a Diabetic cookbook with over 500 recipes. The other is a Low Carbohydrate cookbook with about 1000 recipes. I’m not selling these I’m just asking for donations to help them out. If you can’t that’s ok I understand and I hope they help you out to at least make having a good meal something you can still enjoy. The link below is to a webpage my fiancé made for me with all the detail of the books and a way to donate. Thank you for your time and may you and yours be blessed.

Posted about 8 years ago