Any Jesus Lovers out there? (:

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Hi, I'm Taylor & I am 23 (:
First off, I am really bad at asking for help and admitting when I am weak, so this is a huge step for me. I love Jesus and trust Him daily but personally find it hard to trust Him with my health. I did a phenomenal job when I was first diagnosed at the age of 14 of controlling my blood sugars and keeping myself healthy. Then high school hit and life became a bit more complicated and fast paced. Then college happened where I developed a bad case of always feeling like I need to be busy. Which as you would know will make controlling the betes even more difficult than it already is. All this to say, I understand diabetes, it's been my lifestyle for almost 10 years now. BUT, I am burnt out and fed up. I really need to women who can encourage me, give me tips and advice, pray for me, and just be there for me on this journey. Appreciate you already!

With Joy,
Posted about 5 years ago