Coming out to my Family

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Greetings Ladies - I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes since 2008. My name is Kim and I am new here.

I came looking for support here on line due to the very limited support in my community. I am married with 3 teenagers. They all love and support me.

My challenge right now - is I want to tell my very close extended family that I have diabetes. We dont live near each other, so the holidays are pretty much the only time we get to see each other. I have 4 Aunt's who are my world - outside of my hub and kids. These ladies have watched over me, loved, laughed, guided and pretty much made me who I am today. Since losing my Mom, they have kicked it up a knotch -if you know what I mean.

I have decided to tell them about my diabeties today - Christmas. When the time was right I told them. And I was shocked to hear the dissapointment in their voices. They were so critical of me and just belittled me to know end. I felt like a 8 year old being scolded for eating the last piece of pumpkin pie. I didnt react - except to nod my head and do the 'I know' after each "But, Kim you should know better"

I am full of hurt and shame and I just want to...... cry. I didnt tell my hub about the talk, thankfully I could hold it together till I was safe in the shower to cry my eyes out.

Anyone else have this reaction?? I wish I could take it back.:(
Posted about 10 years ago