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I have been on the site for about a month. i found it when i was doing research about diabetes once i was diagnosed in early november 2011. I didnt have any of the systoms that are associated with diabetes. I only found out bc my husband and i are having problems getting pregnanut and my OBGYN sent me in for blood work. My thyroid came back elevated so i went to see my endocronologist and did more test thyroid came back normal but that is when i found out i was diabetic.

The main thing that is helping me is diet and exercise. I can still eat what i want but just not as much of it. In 2 1/2 months my doc has lowered my doseage amount before each meal and before bed. I am on insulin and hoping that sometime this year i can get on a pill type medication.

Just keep your head up and drive forward, you will have moments that you are wondering how could this happen to you. just make sure you take a deep breath dont feel sorry for your self. just say i can do this and i will do this.

I am glad that your husband is a big supportor of this. my husband is as well.

I am in the Kansas City area would love to meet up with anyone in the area.
Posted about 9 years ago