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Hey! My name is Jess and I have been diagnosed with Type 1 twenty years ago at the age of three. Throughout my journey with Diabetes I have had some great A1C's and then some health issues arose and my A1C has been out of whack since then. The health issues included gastroparesis, Hashimoto's, and blood capillaries in my eyes. Luckily, most of those issues have been resolved but my A1C is still on the high side. Also, with me having diabetes for so long I have been feeling depressed that I can not do what I want with my friends. All of my friends and family are great support, but they do not understand what I have been feeling since they are not diabetic. I am trying to find the support that others have been feeling similarly to me, and that they have been able to bounce back. I currently have the Medtronic 300G pump with the sensor and at most points I do not feel like wearing it or checking my sugar especially with the way I have been feeling. Thank you for reading!

Posted about 1 year ago