Hello All-Anyone else on a pump?

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I have been diabetic since Dec 1994, just after finishing college. I have tried shots, pens, and finally the pump. Am on my 3rd pump now, an Animas. I am married, have 2 great kids-boys! who keep me busy. I work as a paralegal in Raleigh. Am a Type 1 diabetic and looking for fellow type 1's,especally pumpers, to talk to. I am especially interested to see where you wear your pump at night. I clip mine to my underwear on my side b/c I sleep on my stomach. :side: My oldest son is going to high school next year so am dealing with that and him going through puberty. My younger son is finishing up 3rd grade and playing baseball. I think of myself as pretty normal, if there is such a thing. :lol: I really enjoy a good laugh so if anyone has any good jokes or funny stories, please share! I have signed up to get a buddy and am anxiously waiting to see who my buddy will be. B) Oh yeah, I Love Cats!!! I have 2 of them! (also boys....) :silly:
Posted about 11 years ago