Hello from France.

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Hi everyone,

First of all, I would like to say sorry for my poor English.

I live in France and I am president of the same assocation as DiabetesSisters for French and French speaking diabetics women.

I am 30 years old, I am typus 1 under insulin pump, I am diabetic since 1993, for 21 years.

I've 1 daughter Louise (she is 3) and I am actually pregnant (for 4 months).

In our association, we have also a forum and our aim is to help daibetics women in their daily life.

Now most of us our friends in real life.

I think it should be great to discuss between us.

have a nice day,
Posted about 6 years ago
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hello Pauline, i am Ardita from Kosovo. 
I have diabetes for 20 years now. im now 22 years, and now i would like to start a baby but  my doctres said that i needed to lower my blod sugar to 6. but during the day i cant stop having my blood sugar 18, just after 12 a clock then it goes down , and usualy my blood sugar is between 5 to 8. does that make a problem ?
Posted about 6 years ago
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Hi Pauline and Ardita,

Welcome to you both!

Pauline, you did a great job introducing yourself and sharing your story - including work with the organization that brings together women with diabetes in France.  What is the name of the group?  I would be interested in visiting your online forum and learning a little more about the work you're doing.

Ardita, welcome to you as well.  From your post, it sounds like the units for measuring blood sugar readings may differ between Kosovo and the United States.  But thought you might be interested in reading this blog post from three of our DiabetesSisters members in the US to learn more about the support they received along their journey from pregnancy to motherhood, including the birth of three healthy babies.  Here's the link: https://diabetessisters.org/blog/sisterhood-brings-new-moms-together.

Again, welcome and hope you find some great resources and connections through the DiabetesSisters sisterhood!
Posted about 6 years ago
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Thak you very much for replying Elle.
Yes maby it is different here in Kosovo, but i have done a lot of reading about diabetes and everywhere sais that 2 hours after meal it goes up, but mine goues up to for example 18.0 then short after that, 1 hour later it is 7.0 and after that if i dont eat it goes down to 4.0. I want to know if anybody had these kind of problems, and if so why?
Thank you again!
Posted about 6 years ago
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Good morning and sorry for my late answer, I have not enough time to do all I want.

Elle, it will be a pleasure that you visit us, please find hereafter a link to our website: http://femmesdiabetiques.com/

Ardita, I am sorry but I can not help you for your problem, I hope that doctors will help you to control your diabetes.

Posted about 6 years ago