Hello from a very frosty uk!

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Hi all. I have been a type 2 for a year. I am deit only at present and trying very hard to shift 6 stones.

Work full time and Mum to the most amazing, funny three year old boy.

We want to try for another baby, my GP says I need to lose 2 more stone to not be high risk on weight grounds. :ohmy: age and diabetes I can't change...

I am 40 so time is running out, hoping to learn from you ladies.

Hope everyone is enjoying the run up to Christamas. I adore Christmas! X
Posted about 9 years ago
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Welcome Dipster! Is cold here in NY too! One of my friends lives in the northeast in the UK and has 4 feet of snow on the ground! I don't think I'm ready for that yet!
Losing weight, and right before the holidays is not easy. The words diet and exercise come so easily, but it is certainly harder said than done. SInce you are so motivated and because it is not forever, why not try the South Beach Diet? It is very low carbohydrate for the first two weeks, then moderately low carb and heathy fats thereafter. However if you take insulin or any oral medication that can cause hypoglycemia you should discuss this plan with your doctor, as the quick reduction in carbohydrates can cause lows if your medication isn't adjusted.

As the weather is definitely not good, I like to exercise inside using exercise videos that I can pop into my DVD player at home. My favorite is one by Leslie Sansone called Walking Down Your Blood Sugars. Whenever I haven't exercised in a while I use this video to get me started again. It's low-impact and doesn't involve bouncing, jiggling or dance steps. And she's not too, you know, too much of an exercise diva to put one off.

Let us know how you are doing. Have you started on folic acid supplements yet? Is your A1C below 7? If not, again discuss this with your doctor. These are two steps you can take that will benefit your future baby very much.

Glad you are here!

Laurie P., Moderator:kiss:
Posted about 9 years ago